Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's been a long time coming....

So I've been talking about making comics for a while now. Hell, I've been working on the project That has been known as Mother, Bourne, and now BORN DARK for almost 3 years. But friends, Neighbors, countrymen WE HAVE PROGRESS.

We have art. And it's sorta awesome. And you're totally gonna lose your mind.

And if you sign up at www. you will be the firsty first first to see that awesomeness right in your inbox. Why? because we love you.

Who is we?

Well, I cannot talk about Born Dark with out talking about my amazing TEAM OF AWESOME

Adam P. Knave - editing- (because I knew better than to think I know best :D) You know him from his Eisner Award winning hand at editing PopGun and writing amazing comics like Amelia Cole and Artful Daggers

Richard Clark- art- (because AWESOME) You've seen his work in House of Gold & Bones as well as a a dozen other superhero titles. He's bringing some serious depth to these characters and I'm super excited to show you what he's got!

Frank Cvetkovic- lettering- (cuz AMAZING) He's the letterer for books such as ARTFUL DAGGERS, THE BLACK WRAITH, FIRESIDE MAGAZINE, KUNG FU SKRATCH!, MOLLY DANGER, NENETL OF THE FORGOTTEN SPIRITS, and THE INSIDE. He's pretty much the bomb y'all. 

The plan is to Kickstart Issue 0 beginning Feb 14th and to have a special package for people who give in those early days. SO BE READY! SIGN UP at BORN DARK COMIC if you want to know more before ANYONE ELSE!