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Antionio's BDSM... Part 2!

** This is part 2 of the story by @AntonioAngelo21 :D ENJOY! ( I should mention that any likeness to me in this story is PURELY COINCIDENTAL. I'm a sweetheart. Really. **

“Fuck you, and this shit begins now.”

“Im not sure I have all the rules down yet.”

“Pet could you bring the ball gag?”

He took a long pull from a bottled water Tiffany had mercifully brought for him, for he wasn’t sure how long it would be before he could drink again, his next beverage came sooner than he expected as he was drug to the kitchen, not literally, but lead by the leash, A bottle of Jose Courvo sat on the table next to a long leather strip with a red ball and a rather intricate buckle system, his suit coat was stripped from him by Tiffany who hung it on a hanger after showing Mistress the label and confirming that it was in fact Armani and then she slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, pausing briefly at the bottom button before moving on to his pants with a nod from the Mistress.

Pet had great hands, and she went out of her way to rub them against his belly as she solved the belt buckle and then having opened it she noticed the perfect fit of the pants, they did not dip at all even while supporting the weight of the belt. Her fingers dug down further than necessary but more than welcome as the button came free with the push of a thumb and a slight tug. Pet started at the bottom of the zipper and smiled as she felt him through the pants, her finger ran up the zipper pushing against his cock that pushed back a little more with each second of her touch. She ran the length of the zipper slowly then clicked her finger nail back down it. This time her fingers spread out, surrounding his swelling girth and again her middle finger traveled up the zipper. He twitched a little as his bulge felt the fingers squeezing him as they worked back up the zipper. Pet gripped the metal tab and rubbed it between her fingers, his pants no longer buttoned were in danger of falling away, but they hung there slowly losing their grip on his hips as the zipper released one link at a time under the slow pull of Pet. She blew gently between the opening of his boxers As his pants fell away to his ankles. Pet breathed in his scent until the Mistress barked out orders to remove his shirt. Pet’s hands ran up over the ridges of his abs under the open flaps of his shirt and she spread them across his bare chest pulling the shirt apart. She tugged until the shirt was down around his forearms. Her lips gently nibbled his chest before a snap brought Pet to attention.

The snap had come from a cat o nine tails previously unseen by him, but it would be a while before it lost his attention. Mistress circled running the leather tassle over his flesh pet followed it with her tongue. Every once in a while she would take a quick bite that would always be met with a swift swat on her buttocks by the cat o nine tails.

“He is not drunk enough Pet. Quickly prepare him for a drink.” Pets hands pulled away the shirt as she circled behind. His bare back felt a moist sensation right in the center of his spine. ‘Had she licked him?’ went through his mind. Her hands traveled down his body and she gently guided him to step free of his pants. Once they were clear Tiffany hung them neatly with the coat and shirt sniffing his clothes before hanging them up. He stood motionless unrestrained yet felt it improper for him to move. The cat oh nine was tugging on the back of his boxers, and pet approached him from the front. She peeled his boxers down just a bit exposing the top of his ass to the air. Pet knelt down her face against his boxers, against his manhood, and then there was another snap, this one had come from behind but it had not stung.

Pet had her hand on his ass and had absorbed the blow, she writhed in pain, and he looked down into her eyes. Her fingers gripped him tightly and he swung his head as if to tell her not to do that but the crack once again met her hand. And she once again writhed. He instinctively reached down and pushed her hand down; this moved his boxers further down and exposed most of his ass cheek. A cheek that was now in serious danger. He heard the clicking of boots upon the hard floor and saw the cruel mistress out of the corner of his eye, she was in motion and the snap sent a signal to his brain it hadn’t received in years. A sting rose up and through his body emerging from his mouth as a yelp. Not a manly yelp, no this was the yelp of someone surprised someone exposed to unexpected pain, the game had just moved up a notch and he appeared to be losing.

More orders were barked and he found his hands bound behind his back, the tequila bottle and a rag were in the hands of Tiffany. He was ordered to his knees and had a hard time not falling with his arms as they were. A whistle was between tiffanies lips and a moment later he would know why. The tequila bottle had a rubber pour in it or it probably would have broken a tooth, the bottle was heavy and being tilted back, golden fire rushed down his throat and the rag covered his face as the bottle was pulled away the whistle blew through his ears as his head was shook madly back and forth. When he emerged he saw a lime between Pets lips and he took it instinctively with his mouth. He sucked the lime as he inhaled after the long pull of tequila. Salt was poured upon Pets neck and breast and as soon as he licked, the process was begun again. More fiery liquid, blaring whistles, his head whipped wildly around by feminine fingers, a lime this time held in the crevice at the top of Pets ass. His tongue dipped into the fleshy crevice as he took the lime from its perch. This time the salt was on a nipple and he drunkenly attacked it with abandon the whirling whistling washing of whatever went down once again and the party had begun.

Pet took salt from his navel, and lime from his mouth, then salt from his inner thigh, and sucked the lime right through his cotton boxers. Two rounds was more than enough for her and when she and he offered various parts up for the Mistress to partake she politely declined, electing to sip from a martini that never seemed to end.

Pet looked so beautiful he thought, her black hair, sexy diminutive body curved as a woman should be. The way she danced with every step like a woman child pretending to be a fairy goddess. Yes, she is a goddess he thought as the ball gag went into his slightly libated (is that the word?) mouth.

Somewhere along the journey he had lost whatever it was that was restraining his hands and that was probably a good thing. For balance was not something he had a grasp of at the moment. The hot tall chick with the legs that went up to her eyeballs was tugging his leash again and since everything had gone so well so far he followed as best he could. There had been a hallway maybe a door way. Looked like an adorable grandmother picture on the wall, he remembered the grandma picture. But now things were dark and he was sitting well laying well somehow he was propped up, it could be the shackles sustaining his unusual position they were soft and fuzzy and well they were holding him up against a wall which was ok.

Pet and Mistress, Or should he think Mistress and pet probably Mistress and pet that would be proper. Anyhow the two girls were kissing, not kissing like a couple of sorority girls in a bar no these two were going to town. I’m talking tongues and skin, nipples and lips, a full body kind of kissing where clothes fell away and things got wet.

They kissed to the point where old Armani thought maybe they had forgotten about him, but no sooner had his erection began to ebb, than he saw Mistress eyeing him as she suckled Pets neck. She began to whisper something to pet, something that made pet move in a way that brought the erection back. Soon pet had rolled over nearly naked now except for a thong and some fishnets. Mistress walked behind as Pet crawled her way to the man captive against the wall.

Armani had been with women before, many women and few would complain about his girth or size or stamina, for he was built as a man should be built and he fucked like a man should fuck but this experience was a little different for him. Here he was hanging against a wall, no control no woman to hold down and make cum, this wasn’t a blow job in the back of a car. No he was this woman’s prisoner and she had just taken his boxers, his cock now hard and soft at least three times since this whole evening started was more than primed. Pet’s lips would make any man cum under the circumstances but when Mistress commanded that she make him cum for her, standing behind stroking Pets clitoris, hand sopping wet, pet pushing back against her gasping as she took the cock in her mouth Armani had no chance. It was too perfect as Pet purred from her own orgasm traveling from the fingertips of Mistress her belly contracted three times in succession and Armani lost all sense of control. His cock bubbled over with cum shooting into Pets mouth catching her by surprise her being mid orgasm herself she gripped his shaft and pumped, her teeth bit down on the shaft as her tonsils and tongue contracted around his now erupting head and she had no choice but to cough it up. The wet cock was loose and fluid was still alternating between spurting and bubbling out the end and as Pet caught another wave of her own orgasm on the Mistresses firm gyrating grip.

“Clean that up” shouted Mistress, “cleans it now!” She sang while withdrawing her moistened hand from the still convulsing Pet.

Pet licked and slurped searching flesh and floor for every drop as the Mistress paced. “Why can no one make me feel like that, I want to cum like that, can you not make me cum like that?” She said in a rage that Armani didn’t think she had feigned. As pet licked up Armani’s chest she whispered, she has a real hard time cumming please make her cum. “You fucking cum from a finger, and hot shot Armani there came as soon as your lips touched that cock of his.”

The Ball Gag hadn’t really been an impediment up to this point but how could Armani make love to a woman when he was chained to a wall with a gag in his mouth.

“You must please me!!!!” Mistress shouted, the cat oh nine reverberating off the part of Armani’s leg that was going to have one nasty red mark on it tomorrow.

Mistress then took hold of his cock and massaged it between her fingers.

“How long will it take to recharge there, are you the energizer bunny, I am so sick of fucking batteries, I’m going to be honest, I want a cock, your cock will do fine. I don’t want to suck it, or hold it in my hand. I want to fuck it, I want to ride it, I want it to reach inside and find that magical button that makes me glad I fuck. And I want it to push that button so far back inside of me it gets stuck in the on position. Is that so fucking hard? God I wish I had a cunt like glitter tits here, you fucking whisper in her ear and she cums.”

“I do sometimes” said pet before being glared down.

Pet tried to curry favor by rubbing her face on the Mistresses body which still remained mostly clothed.

“Stand up slave!”

Armani struggled to his feet using the shackles to pull himself up but finding his arms in a pretty uncomfortable position once he reached his feet.

“Release him!”

The shackles fell away and Armani stood naked and still gagged. Pet was covering him with her body.

“She likes to watch.” Whispered Pet

Armani motioned toward the ball gag, but the mistress shook her head no. He scooped Pet up in his arms and began to wonder if this was a mistake as the ball gag made breathing far more difficult during exertion than he thought it would. But he carried her across the room as Mistress admired the strength in his back and legs or at least that is what he was hoping. The crack to his backside was not completely unexpected though it still sent a panic through his nervous system and he was glad not to drop Pet.

Pet bounced to the bed with a giggle which also earned her a crack from the whip from the now seemingly everywhere Mistress. Armani made another pantomime plea to remove the gag but was denied. Perhaps she wanted him to grovel? He fell to his knees before her and the whip landed on his shoulder, not viciously but it stung. He looked up and made a motion like he wanted to kiss her feet but made sure she could see what a handicap the ball gag was for kissing. Mistress sat on the bed next to Pet who instantly dropped to the floor.

“Show me what you would do, if I gave you back the use of your mouth.” Said a somewhat annoyed Mistress.

At first this confused Armani but then he got it. He crawled towards the Mistress and unzipped her right boot checking for her approval and getting a nod. He put his face close to the inseam and followed the zipper kissing as best he could with the ball gag. Pet copied him exactly on her left foot at the bottom of the boot he tugged it away as did Pet. His strong hands massaged the soft foot as he took in the Mistresses pleasant scent. Mistress must have approved because she had him and Pet switch feet after a few minutes. He massaged up her calve and behind her knee moved to her thigh and let his thumbs roll over her mound still safely tucked away behind the pants. Mistress seemed ok with that and so he worked his way up and didn’t feel the crack of the whip until he took the top of her pants and began to pull. Reeling he backed up and gently bumped his still gagged mouth against her leg as if he was kissing his way back down to her feet.

Pet rubbed his shoulders as he massaged Mistresses legs. Then he felt the ball gag go loose Pet was finally freeing him. There must have been a signal but he missed it so enthralled he was with the muscle structure of this beautiful leg. Armani stretched his jaw and Pet brought the mistress a bottled water from which she offered a few splashes of refreshment from her mouth to Armani’s and then to Pets.

“Show me on this pathetic creature, how you would make love to me, slave.”

Armani began to motion as if he and Pet were going to get on the bed but Pet’s look told him that wasn’t ok and the whip across his back confirmed it.

“Make love to her on the floor like the animal you are.”

On the floor there was a faux bear skin rug or maybe it was a yeti, something big and white and fluffy, spending so much time around Mistresses feet had Armani longing for a taste, and so that is where he began on Pet. The fishnet stockings left plenty of room for a tongue to get through and the taste of flesh brought moisture to his mouth. Small tastes from gentle pecks grew into deeper tastes as his tongue worked past her knee to her inner thigh, he caught a trail of her juices that must have run down her leg during the blow job and it made his tongue dance. He inhaled deeply as he followed the trail to its origin but a crack of the whip kept his tongue from penetrating where it really wanted to go.

“You do not just please a slave; you must apply a little discipline first.”

He looked up at the wielder of the whip and Pet removed the fishnets and rolled over, her ass was now wiggling back and forth, and Armani correctly assumed this meant he was to apply a swat to it. The first one was rather mild and earned him a crack of his own from the Mistresses whip. The second one had quite a stinging ring to it and he briefly worried he may have swung to hard, but the reaction from Pet told him otherwise. This time her cute little ass rose and he could see the beginnings of a welt. Pet seemed rather excited by the tingling and so he slowly moved his hand between her legs stroking her gently before remembering the Mistress was watching. He pulled his hand back and allowed a mighty blow to echo across the tiny room, this time he had hit home, his own hand ached with the impact and he reached in with much greater force this time, pushing on her swollen clit and then entering her letting his hand move freely to where her body guided and then without warning he bit down hard on the welt his hand had left only moments ago, this unexpected jolt sent Pet over the edge into ecstasy and she buried her face into the rug as she pushed her self into the hand that was fucking her and the teeth that were biting her. The cumming rolled through her like waves crashing the shore they built and grew and spread then rushed up into her body and as they pulled back left her wet and refreshed exhausted yet cleansed, even after he stopped biting and she went down flat on the rug she still rubbed against his hand and gasped the familiar ah ah ah of a woman enjoying the gifts the Gods granted her in abundance.

After she was through cumming he kissed up the back of her leg, over her bottom, and up her back until he found a spot behind her ear that had her giggling happily. The crack of the whip across his back let him know he had more work to do. He grabbed both of Pets hips and pulled her back up onto all fours, his hand clapped off the side of her hip with a loud pop and his erect cock found the wonderful wet hole that his fingers had found so inviting, as he slid into her his cock found resistance but soon everything was moving properly as he took hold of her pony tail and yanked. Her moan was not from having the pony tail pulled as his hips slammed into her ass and she squeezed the cock now so deep inside her. He looked down upon her perfect ass and then the way her head tilted back in unfettered joy as he fucked her with her pony tail tightly wrapped around his fingers.

The mistress saw it too, her hand was in her pants and she rubbed almost subconsciously watching Tiffanies body roll with the passion of a deep satisfying fuck. The Mistress struggled with her other hand to get off her own bra but it eventually came free and Armani watched as her fingers squeezed an erect nipple. She needed it so bad, she wanted it so bad and he knew he could give it to her, he knew he could find the way to make her feel it. He knew she would cum for him if only she gave herself to him, but she wouldn’t do that, she was the mistress he would have to give himself to her.

“Slave! Fuck me!”

Pet had cum tonight, she had cum multiple times at the hands of two lovers, she wanted to cum one more time on this cock and she was so close but her mistress needed this more, cumming was rarer for the mistress and that made it something special. She had to let this cock go and do for the mistress what the mistress needed done. Tiffany leaned back all the way up until she was on two knees and no hands evicting the cock from her oh so wanting pussy. The cock was wet with her but it belonged to the mistress and the mistress deserved it.

Armani fell back what was this crazy girl doing raring up like a wild mare mid fuck. He reached back to keep his balance but she kept coming back all the way back until he was out of her, out of her and on his back swollen cock pointed straight up. Pet was now standing above him telling him that the mistress needed his cock while it was still good and hard. He looked and saw the mistress, lying on the bed her pants had now come down some, her hand and finger was moving rapidly back and forth across her mound, this woman was going to cum tonight of that there was no doubt and he was going to make that happen.

He made his way onto the bed his hand found hers and he cupped her intentionally blocking her finger, she writhed in desire and two of his fingers went to work, her body quickly joined in rhythm with his hand she moved up and back with each stroke her breathing became quick she gripped his strong wrist as if to say just a little more. And that is when he decided it was time, he took her wrist and pinned it above her head with the hand that had just been inside her, then he climbed on top and his cock lay across her belly its stiffness trapped between two bodies that just couldn’t help but move. He kissed her deeply and then she felt the cock sliding down through her slit and then, there it was, going deep all of her wanted to squeeze this cock now pushing in, the strokes were long and slow at first but now he thrust into her with his whole body, and she responded in kind. She was no longer the master and he was no longer the slave they were one in passions desire. He leaned up taking his body weight off and holding her legs he thrust as she put her hands above her pushing back into him.

She was so very close he wanted nothing more than to kiss her one more time, her teeth biting her bottom lip drew him back down their lips touched and her tongue entered his mouth. He suckled as she moved suddenly she jerked back.

“Don’t you fucking cum” she yelled

He was close he knew it, there was only one way to stop. She slapped his face really hard.

“Don’t you fucking cum, you bastard.” Again she slapped his face she was almost crying.

He slid his cock out of her and bit down on her shoulder just to regain his control. She moved fiercely as if she wanted to escape his grasp. He began kissing down her body, over her nipple. Past her belly his thumb rubbed her clit before moving down her slit and sliding into her. He tried to regain her rhythm with his thumb while his lips found her clit, She tasted incredible as his card cock pushed into the sheets her body moved with his. Soon his tongue was washing over her in perfect time and she began to climb, his thumb followed her up the invisible ladder of the orgasm as she reached it his finger penetrated her ass not deep just enough that she knew he was there and that he could feel her heart beat as her ass contracted in unison with the orgasm a tiny wall of flesh away, her fingers tangled his hair as she thrust up into his face joyous sounds emanating from her lungs. Pet had come over and made herself into a human pillow stroking her mistresses hair as all the wonders of the universe played out in a biological symphony.

When he was absolutely sure the swirling seas of orgasm had passed from the mistress Armani began to climb her body he was about to enter her when she put her hand on his shoulder.

“I am the Mistress; I am not here for your pleasure.” And she pushed him back so that he fell flat on his back.

“What about her?” he said in a rather pathetic plea.

“She is my pillow, if you are to cum it is going to be purely for my pleasure. Pet would you like to watch him cum?”

“I would mistress.”

“So would I” said the Mistress.

“You just want me to lie here and cum? “

“Do you think you can do it?”

“I suppose so.”

“Well then your mistress commands it.”

“You really want to see this?”

“I commanded it didn’t I”


And then he lay there smelling of two women, having just had the greatest sex of his life, his cock in hand he began to fall back into the same rhythm that had found the orgasm in Pet, and then wandered into the rhythm that had finally brought Mistress over into her first orgasm of the evening, he thought of control and finally letting it go, maybe this is how he should heal, maybe this is how he would finally get over, maybe oh God yes he was coming now and two women were giggling and everything in the universe seemed just about right.

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Thankful Thursday

I kicked off my Indiegogo Campaign for Well Writers and things are going really well.

I have a few people to thank for that :

First, Hillary Jacques  an amazing writer who was the first person to support me.

Next, Caleb Malcolm, another fellow writer and a good friend.

I have an Anonymous benefactor-- thank you, masked man/woman. You rock.

And last, but certainly not least, Andrew FitzSimons. He is my greatest contributor at this point and I truly appreciate his confidence.

I can't tell you all how much your support means to me. I can't wait to get this project off the ground.


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Antonio Does BDSM ( Part 1 now with FANCY!)

* I have loads of friends on the Twitter, and many of them are writers. @AntonioAngelo21 is one such friend and I challenged him (he challenged himself, really) to write a piece of BDSM Flash fic. It started out on twitter in tweet-form, but quickly got out of hand. Here it is, as it was given to me. If you enjoy it, go tell him.( Anyplace it says "the tall one" was where he had my twitter handle in the tweet version. I'm not very creative tonight :P)   * ** So Antonio wasn't happy with the missing bits or the 'translation from Twitterese  so he hit it again. But now it's Loooooooooooong. So I'm posting PART 1 today and I'll post Part 2 on Friday ***

He had been in control as long as he could remember, it was just who he was the first born son of strict parents, he was expected to care for and guide his siblings. Success was never praised in his family just expected; he had led his high school team to the state championship not as a pretty boy quarterback but as a linebacker. His natural abilities weren’t up to the standards of college athletics but he made the team on heart and guts taking the starting position his sophomore year and never relinquishing it until graduation. This same attitude had gone into his MBA he came out of college as a financial planner, now at 39 he had his own firm, a recent divorce and an overpriced therapist telling him he needed to let go of his controlling nature a little.

What the fuck did she know, being weak had never solved anything, giving up control wasn’t a strength it was a weakness. Giving up control is what lesser people did, real men handled their shit. What exactly could he let go of? Should he just let his business fail, maybe he should stop working out and get fat. 250 dollars a session and her suggestion was “just let go, you don’t have to control everything.”

How the fuck did she think he paid her fee. He wasn’t some trust fund kid working out mommy issues. He earned his money precisely by not letting go and letting things happen. He knew what happened when people let go. They began to fall and falling wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted happiness, he had cars, he had money, he had homes, he went to her because he felt he could be happier and not having time to go climb a mountain or do whatever it was most people did to get happy he felt five 250 dollar half hour sessions might just help him achieve that elusive thing that made others grin like idiots, when their lives were no where near as fruitful as his had been.

It wasn’t the money that nagged at him, it was the fact that he had paid for advice that turned out to be so against everything he believed. But he wasn’t one to simply give up and walk away. He was in fact unhappy and if he was going to beat this unhappiness logic told him he had to try something different. So maybe there was something to giving up control and that is why he found himself standing in front of Black Box.

The music emitting from inside sounded like some kind of punk rock techno mix. Definitely not the easy going Jimmy Buffet vibe he would normally seek out from some sea side tourist trap in his normal yearly attempt at pretending to relax. No this place was dark, the guy at the door had things all over his face, metal, plastic god knows what, he looked like his face had been hit by a shrapnel bomb metal studs everywhere, pale as death just to complete the illusion. The therapist had actually recommended this place as a way to leave his comfort zone, and well she was right about that he was out of his element. Cover charge paid and he stepped into a new world. One where black was apparently the color of choice, his Silver Suit and white shirt looked positively pastel when compared to the leather, and dark lace that seemed to be most favored by the Black Box Patrons.

At the bar a tall leggy dark haired girl with a streak of blue caught his attention. Her body was tone, something he appreciated but the nose ring and stud in her lip seemed a bit much. She was talking to an adorable little thing with an exaggerated pony tail of deep black, contrasting beautifully against her powder white skin, a dark plaid mini skirt, and white blouse, kind of a school girl type vibe but the fishnet panty hose sexed it up to the tenth degree.

The girls seemed to be checking out some of the males in the establishment, despite putting on a decidedly hot for each other vibe. The men were of the variety that probably played base in a band and worked at subway during the week to pay their rent. Either that or they were taking a break from the Occupy the sidewalk movement. There were a few harder to peg, definitely putting on the air of bad ass and probably could back it up. But he wasn’t here for the men, so they faded into the back ground quickly as he concentrated on the two ladies close to the bar.

The tall table against the wall at least let him feel like he was out of the way. Most of the looks he was receiving were somewhat disapproving but that wasn’t exactly unexpected. He had kind of chosen his suit as a fuck you, he knew somewhere named the Black Box would be occupied by occupiers and his suit emphatically said “yes I do conform to capitalist ideals and have no problem using more than my share of resources.” The beer was a little flat, and the glass wasn’t exactly clean, at first he wondered if that was intentional but other glasses nearby confirmed that it was par for the course.

He stared across the bar from his little table at the pixie cut with the blue streak. She didn’t seem to smile a whole lot, and looked increasingly uncomfortable at his long gaze. The little one with her was a bit more playful looking over from time to time and smiling frequently. It wasn’t until he returned the little ones smile that the taller one took notice. She began a hard stare of her own, ice blue eyes caught his attention as she refused to back down from his glance. His smile was not returned and he tried a disarming shrug to no avail. This one was tough, was she jealous of his glances at her girlfriend, maybe she really was a dyke, well if she was, she was a beautiful one that is for sure. He looked down into his beer now half gone. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a cigarette and lit it leaning back as if to say, I am going to watch all night pretty lady I don’t care how nasty your looks get.

Through the haze of incinerated tobacco, he began to wonder if there really was a possible end game to this stand off. The girls hadn’t exactly given him the cold shoulder the short cute one most definitely had interest in men, and had paid particular attention to him since he had begun his vigil. The taller one was closer to his normal pursuits other than the blue streak in her hair and the jewelry in her face. The fact that she wouldn’t give up so much as a smile drew his interest. And the way she had interrupted his flirtations with the smaller one by pulling her pony tail and then engaging her in a deep kiss had certainly gained his attention. Fuck giving up control, what he needed was a lay and although he wasn’t sure how this would play out he was fairly confident there was one in there somewhere.

The silver suit flashed as the handsome stranger, stood up, who was this guy so proud of himself sitting and staring for a half an hour. It hadn’t chased him off when she had stared him down and he hadn’t even flinched when she began kissing Tiffany. Maybe he was a player, the guy looked like a top and Lela had little use for a top. She had just gotten away from Jerry and that fucking asshole had abused the fuck out of her submission. No, if this guy was a top he could keep walking Lela wanted control she had Tiffany, sweet little Tiffany so adoring and submissive, but she also needed dick, this guy seemed attracted to Tiffany surely he would fuck her, but would he have anything left to fuck me and would he do it right or would he just be so overwhelmed at being under the thumb of a dominatrix that he would falter and go limp.

“Do you girls come here often?” His confident smile couldn’t coat the cringe worthiness of the line.
“Obviously you don’t” Answered Lela the tall one.

“What I mean is can I buy you ladies a drink?”

“Vodka Martini for me, Grey Goose, and something sweet for Tiffany.”

“Tiffany, I love that name.” Again, awkward silence. But Tiffany did wrap a little hair around her finger and smile at least.

“Nice Dog Collar, Tiffany.” He tried one more time.

“She is with me Armani, are you in the life?” The blue eyed girl stared sharing the first hint of a smile.

“The Life?”

“You know tops, bottoms, dungeons, whips, cuffs?”

He glanced over at the dog collar around Tiffanies throat. “Are you serious?”

“Looks like we have a virgin, Pet, are you looking for a new chew toy?” To this the pony tail bounced up and down in an enthusiastic nod.

“I am not a virgin.” He was trying to demonstrate confidence that was faltering just a touch.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of everyone has to start somewhere, Armani.” Said the blue eyed beauty most definitely showing a little interest now that she sensed advantage.

Tiffany or Pet as Lela referred to her Nodded again as Lela produced a collar from a black leather studded over sized purse. At first he didn’t notice the collar as he was admiring the tone in Lela’s legs. Her thighs had strength probably a swimmer or maybe a lot of hours on an elliptical, the black pants were skin tight and tucked into leather boots that ended just above her knee.

“Do you consent” she whispered as she leaned in close enough that he was able to breathe in a scent somewhere between rose and leather unfamiliar to him as a perfume yet enticing.

“Consent to what?” Sounding a little harsher than he intended.

“To giving me complete control of everything for the next few hours.” This time her smile was pronounced, impish, inviting.

“Maybe?” He said, eyebrows raised.

“That is not good enough, Armani, the answer is yes.” She said putting her knee into his thigh and applying a little discomfort to him gritting her smile away.

“Yes.” He said, mulling over the juicy possibility of far more than a knee pressing against him.

The yes had barely left his lip when he found himself collared the blue eyes inches from his face, her forearms against his chest delicate hands stroking his hair.

“Do you want a kiss?” She asked her pleasant breath traveling over his lips, as her eyes scanned his face.

“I do.” He said with a cocksure smile.

Lela nodded toward Tiffany as she backed away. “Pet, the man wants a kiss.”

Tiffanies hand travelled across his belt line, her nose nuzzled in his collar He maintained eye contact with Lela even as the pony tail tickled his nose.

“Give her attention slave, she has earned it.” Tiffany moved her body against his she was warm and soft her hand traveled lightly across his chest, and he did recognize this scent it was Poison by Christian Dior. Lela pulled the chain on his collar dipping his head down, his mouth watered at the first taste of flesh gentle nibbles on the back of Tiffanies neck just above her collar.

“Be gentle on her, She doesn’t deserve to hurt yet, come with me pets, there will be time enough to get to know each other later. Armani you should clear your tab. We are going to my place.”

“My name is…” The slap completely took him by surprise.

“Your name is Armani, if I am feeling sweet or slave if you piss me off, but beyond that you have no name.”

The walk was unusual to say the least, ahead of him pulling a leash was Lela, beside him also on a leash was Tiffany bouncing along and smiling, snuggling she seemed as comfortable as if they had been high school sweet hearts tucked under his arm pulling away playfully then returning her wandering hands joyfully exploring his torso. She really was a beautiful soul. Lela on the other hand was a bit of a concern, just how far was she willing to take this tough girl act? That thought was competing with Tiffanies breasts that were also bouncing wildly as she half skipped half walked keeping up with her long legged master and himself. The sudden tightening of the chain around his neck brought him back into focus.

“Do you have to pee slave?”

“Um no, not really?”

“Well this is where slaves and pets pee.” He glanced around realizing he was in some sort of alley.

“You mean by this tree?” As he said that he noticed Tiffany had pulled down her fishnets and hiked her skirt. Smiling as always she seemed perfectly content squatting and peeing right in front of him. The bush shielded her from anyone walking past the alley but he was close enough that he had to step aside to avoid a small stream of pee now running towards him.

“Maybe if you don’t have a bathroom, we should go to my place?” He said suddenly wondering what he had got himself into.

“I have a bathroom, it just isn’t for slaves, if you want to pee, you should get on with it.”

It wasn’t the first time he had ever pee’d outside but it was the first time he had ever done it on a leash. Zip… ahhhhh. Lela tugged his leash as he was shaking out the last few drops, Tiffany was giggling which caused him to look over and then he caught an evil glance from Lela. He was about to zip up when she pulled the leash very hard. Pet could you give the slave a hand with that.

Tiffany wrapped around from behind him, she searched for the zipper a little more searching than was probably necessary. But her hands were welcome. The zip came without excruciating pain which was a legitimate concern the way things were moving around in his pants. No sooner was he zipped than his leash was once again pulled taught and the little band was moving again.

Lela’s home was nicer than he had expected, more pier one than the Munsters, he made the mistake of sitting on the plush and springy tan couch and his ass probably hadn’t even found the bottom of the plushiness yet when the leash once again pulled tight and he found himself spread eagle upon the floor.

“Not on the couch slave, I had hoped you were at least house trained.”

The view was now beige carpet, pleasantly clean, a leather boot not quite as clean the leash was tight, under the soul notched by the heal. Her calf flexed and the leather hugged, the other boot rocked back and forth as did the leg leading to an ass wrapped in black, was it spandex no some kind of cotton, stretching over the ridges of an amazing body, there was the roundness of a beautiful ass, his eyes followed inside the thighs, there was another ridge, her pussy, it was there he couldn’t see it, not all of it but there was an outline and it moved as she swayed. There was sex in those pants, soft, sweet, womanly sex he could feel it even here the boot holding down his throat he longed to move up, but that wasn’t going to happen, not right now at least. He didn’t really understand the game yet, but he was learning. Be good and good things happened.

Tiffany had been in the kitchen apparently making drinks. The boot came off the chain. As Lela took a drink a little vodka splashed on the back of Armani’s head. As he got up on his hands and knees he felt a long slender finger running where the vodka had just splashed. He heard the smacking of lips, and looked up to see the same finger that had recently run along his head emerging from candy apple red lips, the smile lingered upon the lips until she caught his gaze and then he felt like his lung was about to collapse as that well fitting boot from earlier found a spot just at the base of his lowest rib.

The air rushed from his lips and spittle splattered across the carpet. He rolled to his side and laughed through the grimace. A boot came across his throat as he allowed himself to be rolled on to his back.

“evil willy” rolled off her lips.


“Evil Willy, can you remember that?”

“Evil Willy, why would I need to remember that?”

“It’s the safe word, I should have told you earlier but we hadn’t done anything dangerous.”

“Safe word? What is a safe word?”

“If shit gets to rough for you, you scream Evil Willy”

“Sounds fair enough.”

“but if you yell it, you should know, the nights over, I don’t care how hard your dick is or how blue your balls, you mutter that and it’s game over, I kick your ass out, rub one out and go to bed. So if your pussy ass wants to cum, you better not mumble that damn word. Now what’s the safe word?”

‘Evil Willy.”
“Good you aren’t as dumb as you look. Now I don’t want to hear that again ok.”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Its mistress, you address me as Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress, and what should I call her.”

“What the fuck do I care what you call her, she’s a fucking pet.”

“So Pet then.”

“No asshole she is my pet, not yours. Call her Tiffany.”

“Ok Tiffany, that’s a nice name.”

“Yea she is real sweet, if you hurt her I will bust your fucking nuts and not in the good way.”

“Yes ma’am, Mistress, sorry Mistress.”

“Are there any rules you would like us to consider?”

“Rules like what?”

“Stuff like no scat, or stuff like you don’t want to be fucked in the ass”

“Scat, fucked in the ass? What is scat?”

“Never mind we are going to keep it pretty basic I think.”

“So um yea please don’t fuck me in the ass, in fact could you just leave that alone altogether?”

“Really, not even a little finger?” She said waiving her pinky.

“I’m just not real comfortable with that.”

“You’re not supposed to be comfortable.”

“Well I guess I can go to the safe word, if it gets out of hand”

“Stay the fuck away from that safe word, Armani.”

“Well then stay out of my ass.”

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New Page!

Hey... Check out that there new page ^^^ What the heck is the Well Writer Project? Go find out!

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Interview with S.A. Meade

I'm happy to introduce my dear friend & M/M romantic erotica phenom S.A. Meade

Who the hell are you? 

Pond-hopping Brit who’s finally settled on the English side of the pond. I’m a former Town Planner who now works in publishing. I live with my husband, son and two cats in a picturesque Wiltshire village. I’m partial to gin and tonic, good chocolate and like cooking.

So.... How does a proper English lady end up wading in the smutty end of the literary pool? And in M/M no less?

Well, for starters, I’m most definitely not proper! How I found myself writing M/M was a complete accident. I bumbled into it. I belong to a great writers’ forum, Absolute Write. A fellow M/M author posted a challenge where you had to write a piece from a completely different POV than you were used to. I always wrote third person close, from a woman’s POV. So, it seemed sensible to write a scene in first person, from a man’s POV. I wrote a scene about two men who’d known each other since college and one had been secretly in love with the other for years. He confesses and, well, they start doing rude things. I was surprised how much I enjoyed writing it and was even more surprised that people actually liked it. After that, the characters wouldn’t leave me alone, they kept nagging at me. Their story just took off and became my first published novel, ‘Stolen Summer’. I really thought ‘Stolen Summer’ would be a one-off. I genuinely believed I didn’t have another M/M story in me. Four stories later…..

I've heard that the next Black Dagger Brotherhood book will feature a M/M love story... where do you see that taking your genre?

Confession time – I’ve never read any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Having looked at the summaries for the existing books, it seems like a logical progression. Anything that pushes M/M novels closer to the mainstream and closer to being stacked on shelves in bricks and mortar shops is a Very Good Thing. It’s my main gripe about the genre, that its popularity doesn’t necessarily guarantee it space in a shop.

Writer's read. What are some books that have inspired you?

So many books, so little time. I love, love, love those big, thick historical novels that were all the rage back in the seventies and eighties. ‘We Speak no Treason’ by Rosemary Jawley Harman influenced me in so many ways. It is a novel about Richard III, told from by a maiden he seduced, a jester, an archer and a nun. It’s lush, emotionally wrenching and the descriptions are just glorious. Patricia Wright’s story, ‘A Space of the Heart’ is another historical novel, set in Russia in the 19th century. Wright’s prose is sparser and, although it’s a love story, it’s not overly romantic. But, again, her descriptions of the landscape are just amazing. Finally, I have to mention Ernest Hemingway – how to write simple, strong dialogue – Hemingway is the master.

I will admit that I don't read widely in the M/M genre. Can you give us a a top 3 books ( other than your own brilliant works) that are must reads?

‘Promises’ by Marie Sexton. It was the first book I read of hers and I just love it. The sexual tension is just incredible and her style is so effortless.
‘Stray’ by Ash Penn. It’s a very ‘British’ book. Her writing is meticulous, not a word out of place and the narrator, Terry, is a bit of a bastard but so beautifully portrayed that you can’t help but love him.
‘Final Admission’ by Sue Brown. It’s an emotional roller coaster about a very emotive subject. What I love, apart from the snarky humour and the warmth, is the fact that Sue tackles the issues in a way that isn’t black and white. She looks at both sides and it really works.

I have read both Mourning Jack and Biscuits and Bunting and the common thread seems to be wanting something that might not be what you need and the pain associated with letting that want go. (I hate to ask the "Am I right?" question... so I'll just give you space to talk about your stories here)

Yep, that sounds about right. I really did struggle a bit with Mourning Jack. The original ending was going to be much different but, when I started writing in that direction the story just lost its spark so I stirred things up a bit because, in real life, the path to the right, true end isn’t always a straight one, sometimes you meet a fork and have to make up your mind which way to go.
Biscuits and Bunting was, again, looking at what happens in real life. People can be jerks but even jerks need love.
In fact, thinking about it, a fair few of my characters do thoughtless jerky things. I’d like to think that it’s because I like to make them as ‘real’ and flawed as I think I can get away with. I realise that not every reader is going to like that approach but I can’t write any other way.

What is the best thing and the worst thing about being published?

The best thing is when that box of print copies arrives. The poor woman who delivered my copies of Stolen Summer clearly thought I was stark, raving bonkers. I hugged the box and grinned like an eejit.
The worst is the promoting. It would be so easy to just run amok all over the internet screaming ‘BUY MYBOOK NOW’ but I just can’t do it. I try my hardest to not shove my new releases in peoples’ faces but then I sit in a corner and sulk if no one notices!

What is next?

I have a series – The Endersley Papers - in the works. They’re all centred around a fictional house on the Wiltshire Downs. The first book, ‘Lord of Endersley’ is released by Total E-Bound at the end of August. I am slowly clawing my way toward the end of book two, ‘Darkness at Endersley’ and trying to ignore the siren call of the third book. There’ll be five books altogether. I’ve been scribbling down ideas for future books, at least two of which will be contemporary M/M.

You can find S.A. Meade at her Blog  on Twitter and on Facebook 
You can Find her books at Total-E-bound