About me

About mes are weird, right? 


But screw it. Here we are.


I'm Lela, pop culture nerd with a focus problem. you would think all those years of meditation* would have given me a better attention span, but ...**


I like geek things. Geek people. Horror movies and comic books and horror comic books***...  I've always been in love with Fantasy and Science Fiction.  Stephen King, Robert Heinlein, Piers Anthony, Isaac Asimov-- these people shaped my world. 


Urban Fantasy is a newer thing for me, and it really reflects the kind of stories I want to tell. Sword and Sorcery doesn't appeal to grown up Lela quite as much as it did kid lela. Now characters like Harry Dresden, Jane True, Sookie Stackhouse, Jesse James Dawson and James Stark get me going.


It doesn't hurt that uf characters have quite a bit more sex than their S&S counterparts and gawd forbid anybody get laid in an Epic. ****


I also do some modeling. Mostly Fetish and Alt stuff, as I am moderately tattooed and too old for stuck up fashion types*****. ******

So that's me. Geek. Reader. Writer. Knower of useless facts. Twitter addict. Purgie*******. Maker of footnotes. Flirt. Mostly Harmless.

You can find me on Twitter Here.  Feel free to @ message me. I really do like to chat. Guys, I'm not really into the whole breathing heavy in my ear and waving your cock at me thing. I know the smut confuses things, but you're way better off just talking to me, kay? 

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* I lived and worked at a Buddhist meditation center for a while in my youthful hippie days.

**This is where I would type "OH shINY", but I'm working on not being cliche.

*** I used to steal my dad's horror comics when I was like 6? and read them. They were sure this was going to screw me up for life. They might be right.

**** There is an adult content warning on this blog for a reason. Smuttiness will happen. Though to be fair, harry Dresden & Jesse James Dawson don't do a whole lotta scrumping. I like them anyway.

***** That's just pure sour grapes, that is.

****** But no, I'm not interested in doing a "photo shoot" in your bathroom. If you are a legit photographer ( I get to judge that) and you want to do a shoot, send me a link to your portfolio and we can talk. 

******* We will be your benevolent literary overloads one day. Make with the groveling now. Ya never know when the revolution will come.