Thursday, December 19, 2013



Specifically, I have comics I have stories in! From GrayHaven & Coldstream Studios! 


Grand prize: 
One copy each of 
Coldstream Studio's One Eyed Pussy 2,
GrayHaven's Seven Sins, 
GrayHaven's The Dark 2

TO ENTER! Just comment below what the best thing you read (comic, novel, subtitled movie) was this year. I'll pick a random winner. 

If I have > 25 entries I'll add a set of 8x10's from the NerdbondageprojeKt to the grand prize!
If I have > 35 entries I'll give Seven Sins to another random person!
If I have > 40 entries I'll give The Dark 2 to another random person!

One entry / person. Leave your email or twitter handle so I can get a hold of you if you win! Contest CLOSES at 11:59(EST) on Monday 11/23

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tornado Drill

Ladies. You're doing it wrong.

Enjoy Social Media?
um no you just like that boys

Enjoy Comics?

pay attention to you when you think that they think

Enjoy Math?

that you actually get that stuff. They know you're faking and they just PRETEND to 

Enjoy Sports?

respect you and let you think you know what's going on because you are

Enjoy Politics?

 so desperate for their time and attention and they are 

Want Success in your Career?

victims of you. REAL Women do it this way and that way and how I do it!
Have Opinions?

So go BACK TO YOUR CORNER. Sit very still and very small and wait for someone to come get you. 

Enjoy sex?

THINK OF LIFE AS A TORNADO DRILL. Curl up in a ball cover your head and someone will tell you when it's safe. 

the message is given to us over and over again. be small. Be safe. Be quiet. Don't enjoy anything (certainly not YOURSELF) too much. 
I reject your tornado drill. I will be my own damn siren.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Comics! From Me!



You can buy Comics with Stories written by YOURS TRULY!

You can find my story FACELESS in DARK 2.
(which is the first comic script I ever really wrote!)
Art by Matthew Spicer

You can find my story LUST in SEVEN DEADLY SINS 
Art by Sean VonGorman 

All the love in the world goes out to Andrew at The Gathering for taking a chance on me way back when. It's been a long time coming but so WORTH IT! :D

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SEXY OBJECTS & the people inside them


I won't pretend that I don't attempt it from time to time.

I won't pretend that some people don't "like" me just because I am unafraid of the SEXY.

I won't pretend that some people don't judge me harshly because of said SEXY.

Which is weird because, I mean... I just this nerdy girl, right?

But I'm not. I'm not JUST anything.

I'm not JUST a nerd, or JUST sexy, or JUST a fitness nut and a dog lover and a person addicted to tea and books and travel.

And that is the difference between finding someone SEXY and OBJECTIFYING them. I mean when you look at a "sexy" picture you may not know that the subject of the picture has 2 cute fluffy dogs at home and he or she likes to run outdoors 10 months of the year.... but do you look at the person and see a PERSON? Not a sex toy. Not a Dildo with fresh batt'ries or a pocket pussy that Jeeves warmed up in the dishwasher* for you. 

Recently someone that has always been a BIG FAN of my WORK as a fetish model got mad at me and blasted me for calling someone else out for a series of sexist remarks. 


Well, I dare. I dare like a motherfucker.

Because I am not a dildo or a Fleshlight. I'm a person. And persons are complicated.

Also: If everyone else has gone the polite route, I will yell at you. Because for some people anger is the only language they know. Talk smack, get smacked. Other ladies were raised right. They try to explain. I was raised by wolves so I explained it in a way that it could be heard by other animals**.

But on to the criticism of Modern Feminism- That we are crippling men & boys by making them mealymouthed neutered  pansies afraid of their own shadow. 

MOSTLY I wanna smack people who say this. I wanna hit them in their giant melons and say OH YEAH? CUZ 1 outta 4 women in America won't have to fight with a Rapist and MAYBE win? Cuz we make as much money and we are equally represented in positions of power? 


But then I know a few guys and they are TRUE SWEETHEARTS and sometimes they aren't sure what to do or how to say it and they get really conflicted on where the "lines are". 

So.. INTERNET HELP ME. I'd like to have a chat. A big group chat in which we talk about 

Sex and Feminism and How to be a Stand Up Guy without being a Turgid Dick 

but I dunno how that works. Do they still have chatrooms? Is this a thing? Can I take one over for a day?

If you know how to make this work I will invite people and talk and get it ALLLLL OUT IN THE OPEN AND SOLVE THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS. ALL OF THEM.

or something. 

Tell me what you think in the comments or over on TWITTER!

OKAY SO! I've figured out the CHAT! But I need your EMAIL to INVITE YOU TO THE CHAT! 
you can DM it to me on Twitter or email it to me lgwenn @  Yahoo dot com
We'll be doing it Tuesday the 29th, at 9PM EST

* I don't honestly know if dudes put pocket pussies in the dishwasher, but it seems like a practical (and clean!) way to warm it up and I figure a warm pussy is better, right?

** add animal to the list of things I am

Saturday, August 31, 2013

In which Lela wishes to change the world through snark

The harassment policy at NYCC is sorta terrible.

While they are VERY CLEAR (in the statement pointed to VICTIMS*) that harassment will not be tolerated, The RULES only say
  1. Be nice and have fun! All of your fellow NYCC con-goers are there to have a good time, so be friendly, make a new best bud, give a free hug and have a paramount good time at NYCC! Any behavior that's offensive in public should be kept out of NYCC and in the privacy of your own home.
(link here)

 On top of that, the mechanics for a victim to deal with it are awful. The victim is instructed to "Go to the NYCC Show Office."

By instructing people to Go to the Show Office, Reed Pop is basically saying, "We are going to give you a lollipop and pat you on your head because there is NO FUCKING WAY we're gonna find that guy, confirm it was the dude that grabbed your tit and kick him out. Why don't you spend the rest of your already ruined day sitting here while we "look"? OH and that costume shows an awful lot of skin. NAKED IS NOT A COSTUME, YANNO?

*Click What if I'm Harassed?

So what do we do?

TO TWITTER MY FRIENDS ( and Facebook and G+ too !)

TWEET/STATUS UPDATE  How you will deal with immobilizing/capturing/ what-have-you a hypothetical harasser at NYCC? Freeze ray? Giant Hammer? Old Fashioned crotch shot?

Give me your super hero story of defeating a harasser! They should be over the top and silly. A fun game with a serious purpose.

Use the hashtag #ConHero and tag @NY_Comic_Con

This has an added benefit. If it trends then people all over nerddom will see it. It will make it clear that we don't accept harassment.

Collect your thoughts, loves. We will be launching this ship on TUESDAY, September 3rd.

** To improve harassment policy we need:

Examples of  tweets:
I see a girl getting harassed @NY_COMIC _ Con. I Use my + 5  Sword of Suffering to cut him in twain. I'm a #ConHero

Some dude grabs my booty @NY_ Comic_ Con so I make him walk the plank. I'm a #ConHero

Friday, August 16, 2013

In which Lela conducts a fake interview and the internet ESSPLODES!

I'm HEAD NERD CORRESPONDENT over at WHACK! Magazine. MOSTLY, this means I read graphic novels and tell people if they're good or not, but sometimes I do interviews.

Let me tell you a secret: I suck at interviews. Seriously. I ask the same questions everyone asks. The people I interview are generally better off just giving me their Playboy Playmate of the month stats. 

I like long walks on the beach and cold nights by the fire. Turn ons include flannel sleepwear and Zima Malt Beverage.

So I asked Chuck Wendig and Stephen Blackmoore if I could interview them back in JANUARY. And then I put it off. Why? Cuz I hate doing things I suck at.

When I came to the realization that I really HAD to do SOMETHING I did what I usually do-- I went to Twitter.
Gimmie some interview questions! 
Now you have to understand that this was from a Dear Friend and so I giggled and this got me thinking. I suck at interviews, but I do not suck at snarky commentary. So I asked Chuck and Stephen if they were for it and we produced THIS .

And THIS thing we produced has taken on a life of it's own with 200+ notes and making the front page of Reddit and SO MANY NEW TWEEPS (Hi new twitter friends. This is all quite overwhelming) One of the biggest critiques I've heard is that they were expecting it so it isn't really the same thing.

Which is true, if the intention had been to put men in the same position as women are constantly placed by media. But that ain't me. This is really just about the ABSURDITY of those questions. The ridiculous labels put on women because they have/don't have kids. Because they write/don't write sex/violence/science/unsympathetic characters.

Thing is, there is DEFINITELY space for that kind of skewering satire. And there may even be dude writers who deserve that kind of treatment. But that ain't me.

But the thing is it IS TRUE that most women CAN'T answer the types of questions that I asked Chuck & Stephen with the candor or wit that they did.... not without risking the interview disappearing.

So I'm going to be hitting up LADY WRITERS for a a column called IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING. In which I will ask the terrible questions and the LADYWRITER in question will be allowed NAY! EXPECTED to hand me a fist full of TRUTHINESS.

I'm gonna be reaching out to people in the near future. If you have a suggestion for who you think would be a good fit COMMENTS are below!

( Idea for IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING came out of a conversation with Suleikha Snyder on Twitter)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

GUEST POST: Clovia Shaw gives us a little nibble of her new book NOGITSUNE

If you don't know how much I (heart) Clovia Shaw you aren't paying attention. SHe was here during BIG COMICS WEEK reviewing CHEW and spreading LOVE for Third Eye Comics.  Here's a little snippet (a drrrrrrrty little snippet) from her new book :

Linc rested his cheek on her head, still pressed firmly inside her, his hand smoothing up and down her quivering thigh as his stomach heaved against hers.
“We shouldn’t have done that,” he said quietly.
“I’m pretty happy with it.”
He grinned into her hair, the length of velvety tail uncoiling from her leg so slowly it felt reluctant, leaving an uncomfortable chill where her skin was now exposed. Letting her get a foot solidly down first, he gave her ass a squeeze before shifting to disengage. Delia closed her eyes for the shiversome sensation as he withdrew slowly, her hands curling against his hot sides.
“Do you trust me to do this for you?”
Delia nodded, reaching down to snag the right leg of her panties and jeans so she could put her boot back through them. She’d been expecting the flare of foxfire to destroy the condom, but it was still disorienting in such a small space while hopping on one foot.
Alerted by the squeak, Linc just watched her topple headlong into the laundry, the flames in his palm receding to a glow so he didn’t miss anything.

 First off, let me say that picking an excerpt from a longer sex scene is hard. Heh, hard. I try very hard to craft a romantic or sexual scene so that it makes sense in the context of the story, suits the tone of the rest of the book, and isn’t in there just because I was getting bored and wanted the characters to screw already.
Wait. Back up the truck. “Length of velvety tail?”
Don’t make it weird, man. The MC in Nogitsune, Lincoln Black, is descended from Japan’s legendary fox-wives—which in my universe, means he has spirit tails. It works, shut up.

I didn’t realize this was a Romance.
It’s not. If you took the romance with Delia out and just had them work together, Linc would still have a book, though it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. My kitsune are sensualists, life-force harvesters who draw harmlessly on their lovers for a little extra afterglow buzz, and writing around that would be ridiculous.
Okay, so why this excerpt? We didn’t get to see anything!
Because it illustrates what I try to do with sex scenes—it’s easier without the distraction of hot, heaving, slick things. Physical intimacy can’t exist in its own bubble, discrete from the rest of the story. Something led the characters there, the plot rolls on around them, and worldbuilding rules still apply. Here, Linc is putting Delia in danger by having sex with her, but he’s not used to curbing his appetites. So he’s worried he’s started something he can’t stop. The bit with the condom is a window onto the local magic and the danger inherent in sleeping with another magician. Spit, blood, sexual fluids, hair—all these things can be used against you, so it’s a further trust to give, for Delia to let Linc handle the disposal for her. And lastly, there’s a casual fondness there that I think is very sweet when Delia trips bare-ass into the mountain of laundry, and rather than try to catch her, Linc just enjoys the view.

Or, you know, it’s just rude.
Foxes are habitual line-steppers, tricksters at heart, and don’t particularly care what you think of them. Linc could play Prince Charming as easily as any other illusion in his repertoire, but Delia doesn’t expect or want him to be something he’s not. It’s not like the laundry was going to eat her.

Stop acting like italics isn’t just you talking to yourself.
Fuck you, it makes me sound more personable and engaging. Or creepy and sad, but whatever.
…I spend a lot of time in my head.
Thanks to Lela for letting me rub my naughty bits all over her blog today, and for all you non-italicized people who dropped by to get a look at them. Nogitsune is available at Amazon and Smashwords, and you can come talk to me on twitter if there’s nothing good on late-night TV.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NerdbongageProjeKt People!

It has been 2 weeks since I sent the pictures out into the world! At this point I have to assume that everyone *should* have gotten their photos.

But alas... the postal service, she is not the perfect perfection that she should be.

So friends, this is when you need to let me know if you have NOT RECEIVED your photos.

NOT BY COMMENTING ON INDIEGOGO ( you know I can't answer you there, right?) or here. 

but via email (LGwenn :at: Yahoo :dot: Com) 

I will be reordering posters and doing all that that swell stuff in the next few days ( so if you've already contacted me... I'll be taking care of it SOON! :-D ) 

I really want to make sure everyone gets what they ordered and in good condition, so PLEASE let me know!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


SO: I wasn't going to reorder posters for NerdbondageprojeKt

I was gonna print up the ones for the perks and then just have 8x10s on hand.

ALAS! the USPS hath screwed me royally.

One set of posters was destroyed in transit. So I have to order new ones. If I'm gonna order 1 of each I can just as easily order a few more.

SO: IF YOU WANT A 16x20 of






contact me lgwenn (at) yahoo . com
everything will go through Paypal. They'll be $35 ea-- including shipping

8x10s are available as well! $12 each! same deal, just email me.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So we're expecting some new friends. EVERYONE BE ON THEIR BEST BEHAVIOR! (From io9 Have you seen the pictures? Go check it out!)

or whatever passes for "Best Behavior" around here.

UM. HI! Feel free to look around. Things have been a little dark lately, but that's just one of the modes.

Okay back to business

So I'm trying to get a comic book made. That's hard y'all.



I have more to say about it, but my baby niece is here and I've...

gotta protect my cat.

and my laptop.


( If you are new... come by and say HI on Twitter! )

(OH! And I will have prints available in a few days!) 

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm keeping the chain going...

7th grade.

We'd moved from Texas to Virginia. From a neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks where the bussed us to a great school to a ghetto where they put up fences to keep all the poor in.

My favorite teacher had volunteered me for a special science program-- a different teacher was running it and could I meet her after school?

The other teacher's class was at the very end, tucked behind the stairwell, right next to the bathrooms. It was dark; the lights went out minutes after the last bells rang. I waited alone.

I decided to go to the bathroom.

He was waiting there.

He kissed my neck. He grabbed me... in places.

7th grade. I'd had crushes on boys. I'd even kissed one once. But this was...

I laughed. I used to do that when I got nervous. It made him mad. He pushed me down. I heard footsteps, heels clicking down the hall.

"She's expecting me. Her classroom's right there."

He let me leave.

For the rest of the school year I couldn't use the bathrooms at school. I peed myself- like full bladder, pissed all over the place because I couldn't hold it anymore- twice. My parents talked about taking me to the doctor to see if I had a UTI, but they never did and I never told them what really happened.

I'd see him around the school and he's smile at me and tell his friends, "That's my girl."

I'd laugh.

Throwing up wasn't an option. I'd have to go in the bathroom to do that.

I've had several incidences where only LUCK has kept me from being violently raped. LUCK. In the grand scheme of things a saving throw should not be the thing that stands between any woman (or girl. I was a girl) and being violently assaulted.

** I'd love to go back to being a happy go lucky, silly chick who make dick and fart jokes all the time. But stories like mine, Like Delilah Dawson's  like all of the women who are standing up and saying No More... I'm tired of this story. Rape is used to control. And when it doesn't work and the "ladies" get too uppity we're told to Maintain our Womanly Dignity. Or to just shut up and stop ruining their awesome boy things with our icky girl stuff. It's old. It's tired and ... welll....

THIS. ***

SO! I've had a GREAT IDEA. I want to recreate the speech above ^^^ using lots of people. One video, one speech, many different voices. Men, women all tired of all the bullshit, fear based, isolation, rape culture crap. Lots of people have volunteered on twitter and that is AWESOME. If you are interested EMAIL ME lgwenn (at) yahoo 

**UPDATE Women 101 has been pitched to NYCC. I will hear back one way or the other by early August. If you're a professional creator ( writer, artist, cosplayer what have you) and want to be on the panel if it goes, let me know. I'd like to have 3 women & 2 men. **

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Women 101: Welcome to the Age of the Geek Girl


It's hard out there for a Geek Girl.

I mean there's a couple of OLD WHITE DUDES with the SWFA telling ladies to keep their dignity and shut up.

Then over at A-Kon we had the wonders of GropeCrew *trigger warning*

And then there's the endless incidents of women being told to "get a sense of humor" at best and "Someone needs to rape you and put you in your place" at worst.

But I'm tired of RAILING at Mr. Internet. Mr. Internet listens with friendly ears... but the ones that need to hear? Maybe never do.

So... being tired of yelling into the void... I decided to do something.

A year ago I joked about doing a Women 101 panel at a con. This year... I have contacted NYCC about actually DOING it.

Not because I'm famous. *I ain't*
Not because I have super special womyn powers *I don't*

But no one else seems to be doing it. And someone needs to.

What would we cover?

What women are ADDING to Geek culture.
How to talk to geek girls with out getting decked ( or: don't ask her bra size, dood)
Evolving the representations of women in fiction.
How to be ally.

And then... Maybe have a discussion? If we can keep it civilish?

There are OBSTACLES. I have to put together a panel and since I don't know who will be there... I don't know who I can ask to pop on over. If I have to ask people who aren't going to be there anyway then they have to pay to get there and NY is cray expensive.

SO.... First things first.... Let's see if we can get some traction.

1) Tweet, or  FB New York Comic Con and let them know that you want to see #Women101Panel (if you do-- tag or @ me! I'd love to see!)

2) If you know famous ladies who will be at NYCC- INTRODUCE ME! I've talked to more than a few but so far I only have "If I'm there, sure". I'd love to see 3-5 diverse women with broad accomplishments.

3) Let me know if this is the sort of thing you would  support on kickstarter. I HAVE 0 IDEAS what I would do for perks, but yeah.

I am FULLY aware that I am not famous and that this is usually the arena of famous people. But no one is doing it. And when I see things that aren't being done.... I step up.

I know.


So Talk to me Mr. Internet. Let me know your feels. I'm a girl and all about feels.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The part that bothers me. (warning: possible triggers)

The part that bothers me is that I can't remember her name.

I remember that the girl down the street's name was Nikki (I used to sing to her Nick nicknick Nick NICK nicknick NICKELODEON). I remember that Tom next door had a creepy older brother and his little sister had rats as pets and called them hamsters. I remember that his dog's name was Bullet.

I remember that I had a crush on a boy named Mateo.

But I don't remember her name. Part of my brain wants to call her Nina. Or Anna. But I don't remember.

Can I be forgiven for not knowing something was wrong?

I was 11. The Cambodian girl across the street was a year younger, but we did everything together. We ran the streets of our wrong-side-of-the-tracks neighborhood, practically inseparable. I'd moved there from Tennessee. Her family-- Bad things had happened in Cambodia and they had moved to California and then Texas. We had a gang. Our gang talked like Valley Girls and hit people with purses.

She had an older sister, the picture of integrated glamour. The sister was a teenager and everything I wanted to be and have-- a brass bed like a gilded bird cage and pictures all over her pink painted walls.

My friend's bedroom was white walled and instead of a beautiful canopy bed, she had a tatami bed roll. I thought it was weird at first, but she told me that it was the way it was in Cambodia. Who was I to argue with Cambodia?

She didn't go to school. THIS bothers me. Even a year behind me we would have hung out on the bus. In our ghetto neighborhood everyone got picked up at one stop and she would have walked the 5 blocks with Tom, Nikki and I. But she didn't. I remember sitting on the bus, day dreaming about the awesome things her glamorous older sister must do on weekends. She wasn't there for me to ask. Why didn't I notice that then?

But really, my guilt boils down to that last night.

It was hot. Heat from the cement driveway baked into the bottom of my feet, despite the late hour. Inside, my  parents and my brother were watching tv. I was standing at the end of the driveway looking at my friend's house.

Her sister came out and got in the car. The sister sat in the back, behind the driver's seat, her head down. There was silence for a moment.

Then the door burst open. Her dad was screaming, repeating something over and over. I'd learned a smattering of Spanish, but she hadn't taught me a word of Khmer. Her dad had a gun. He held it to her mother's head and screamed at no one.

No one but me. I was the only witness. He kept yelling. He grabbed her by the hair and hauled her toward the car. She followed behind. I had been frozen until I saw her. I ran to my door and called to my parents.

"Something's going on across the street."

Lela. Master of understatement.

No one came out. Her whole family got into the car and drove away.

No one noticed. No one said anything.

 No "Where is She?"

I have no pictures. I don't remember her name. If I were a worse or better person I might could convince myself that she never existed. That she was a fevered dream of an always overimaginative child.

But she wasn't.

And she haunts me.

And I don't remember her name.

Friday, March 29, 2013



There were a few... mistakes...over at Indiegogo. And as such.... they extended the campaign!


SO we are BACK ON and we have ALREADY hit the target.

4 Characters are good to go! Any extra $$ we get at this point will basically be used to either add more characters (YAY!) or just give you guys a little extra depending on budgets.


Friday, March 22, 2013

NerdbondageprojeKt...... is Ded

Seriously. SO much Love. 

(also: sorry about the audio. Apparently new laptop has a SHITTY MIC)

OH! AND I FORGOT! PAYPAL holds the money you contributed.... but it *SHOULD* be returned in the next several days (you know how slow Paypal can be) YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Which do you like better? Leeloo

Hey Y'all!

I just can't decide on a (possible... I mean this could all change. You all have the power here.) costume for Leeloo

I could go with a more traditional....

Or a more INDUSTRIAL approach

(I promise to not be that skinny tho) 

Tell me! Here or on Twitter! And CONTRIBUTE! We are in the last days! GET IT DONE LOVELIES! #nerdbondageprojeKt

Friday, March 15, 2013

Haters... and SOLUTIONS!

So.... I got an email expressing all sorts of unhappiness about me and my moral fiber and what not.. this is my answer:

ALSO! Someone on Twitter remarked that they WANTED to give to nerdbondageprojeKt but they don't have a Paypal account! Here are instructions on how to use Paypal without having an account

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


OKAY kids.. we got close... so I'm terrible with secrets

(Seriously. Don't tell me things.)


So here it is! The Proposed Harley Quinn ( if she makes it to the final 4)

Classic Harley to balance the unconventional CatWoman!

Whattya Think?


Thursday, March 7, 2013

CATWOMAN! nerdbondageprojeKt costume concepts!

Okay, so we have 2 weeks left to go in the #nerdbondageprojeKt campaign!

But one thing is clear. You people. You love Catwoman.

Seriously. She's like 20 points ahead of her nearest competitor and has been from the jump. So... knowing that I am tempting fate by going public... Here are some concepts for the Catwoman cosplay!

Honestly... Nothing is harder to photograph than a black catsuit. Seriously. All black. Tight. Covering everything. Shiny or Matte, it's a dangerous choice... so... lets go with something less traditional!

Art by Otto Schmidt

I love the idea of this shrunken jacket and an aviator style cat hood 

Then pair it with a high waisted latex short in black

And either a kick ass hardcore boot:

Or something less practical, but maybe a little sexier: 

What do *YOU* Think? 
Do you like the concept? 
Am I nuts?
Will Cat Woman make it to the final? 

Then tell your friends about #nerdbondageprojeKt! 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello my lovelies!

First, I want to thank everyone! Thank you! We are within striking distance of  having nerdbondageprojeKt 50% funded and that is totally because you all RAWK.

The voting is going STRONG. If you have contributed and haven't voted yet, DO SO! If you haven't gotten the survey-- it probably got stuck in a spam filter- hit me up & I'll resend. 

This is how I've decided to judge the character's poll #. I've assigned points to the different rank values. 1 point for characters ranked 18th and 18 points to characters ranked #1 (and all the numbers in between) 

Currently the Top contenders are-

1) Catwoman - 178pts
2) Harley Quinn- 158 pts
3) Doctor Who- 154 pts

( this is where it gets INNNNteresting) 

4) Leeloo Dallas- 133
5) Kaylee- 132
6) Death- 131

of course, all of this could go topsy turvy with a single vote... Yours maybe? 

Contribute! Tell your friends! If we get to 50% by Friday at 8PM, I'm getting dolled up & posting a happy dance video. BECAUSE FUN!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The story so far...

Hello Internet!

So far #nerdbondageprojeKt is going AMAZINGLY WELL. As of Wednesday night at 8PM eastern we are a mere $174 for the 33% mark! WHICH IS AWESOME!


Kaylee ( Firefly)
Harley Quinn
Doctor Who (genderswap 10th Doctor)
Star Trek Officer

Lots of folks who have contributed HAVE NOT VOTED YET- I've sent out all the surveys so far- if you haven't seen it... Check your spam filter!

If you wanna protect what you see... (or throw a bum out! :P) Now is the time to join the fun!!

Also wanna remind everyone that we'll be doing a #comicchat on Twitter Thursday 2/21 at 8pm eastern. We will be talking the pros and cons of Fearless Defenders #1 ( I'm @Lgwenn) 


Thursday, February 14, 2013


SO! Here it is! Valentines Day AND WOOT! It is TIME TO KICK OFF

The Final Round of Characters added to the list are:

GS HellBoy

When you CONTRIBUTE to the CAMPAIGN you will get an email with a survey of all the characters- Your votes will determine who wins! ( I'll keep you all informed as to who is in the lead as we go)

If you can't contribute, then help spreading the word is ALWAYS APPRECIATED!


Feature the campaign on your blog or podcast and I'll make sure you get a set of digital prints if we are successful!

If the campaign is successful I am pledging 130 hours in the next year toward re-socializing pound puppies (this is a real issue for the overwhelming # of pitbulls & black dogs in pounds who don't get adopted if their manners aren't perfect)

SOOOOOOOOOo... Nerdity. Kink. Great Photographs with an Amazing Photographer. *AND* helping pups in need. What more could you ask for?  GO GIVE!

OH! and as a preemptive THANK YOU- Go get my dirty novella HOME COMING for free the 14th-15th

Monday, February 11, 2013

Round 2 Winners!

I was gone this weekend! So .. sorry for the delay!

But The Round 2 Winners are:

Leeloo Dallas
Dr Who
Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn
Wonder Woman
Scarlet Witch

Remember! The final character decisions will be made by people who contribute to the campaign!


The WILD CARD Round ( The FINAL poll!) Is up. So VOTE! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In case you don't know, now ya know.

The voting continues...

But apparently I have a buncha new friends since the last time I attempted this madness... and they don't know what is going on.

Lemme 'splain.

I am a fetish model! I do.... fetish modeling.

Pretty self explanatory really. Mostly I get tied up and stuff and pictures are taken. It's cool.

But I'm also a nerd. A great big dorky loves-me-some-comics-and-other-assorted-geekery Nerd.

So... what better way to combine my two loves (Geekery & Fetish Photography) Than doing a cosplay bondage photo shoot?

What's more fetishistically nerdy than that?

OH I KNOW. Get an awesome equally sci-fi/fantasy obsessed person to shoot the pictures. So I asked Richard Kadrey! And he said YES! (You know Richard. Bestselling Author of the SandMan Slim Series? Super awesome guy?)

So yeah. We're voting on characters right now. But soon the funding drive will kick into high gear and WOO! So much coolness. So tell your friends. Get them to vote!

Let's Make This Happen!

Monday, February 4, 2013

First Round is over!

The first Round of voting is over! The Old School characters that will go to the final are:

Star Trek
Samus Aran

Who will make it to the next round? VOTE!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And We're BACK! Smutty as ever!

AND WE'RE BACK. Smutty as ever. I have NOT given up, my pretties. And dear, sweet Richard Kadrey says he's down to shoot when ever I manage to get it done!*

photo by SLEPhoto 

So Here's Step 1!

We will have 3 rounds of Character Picking polls! First the Old School, then the Mainstream, Then the Wild Cards! Most of the characters you see on the polls come for me asking my Tweeps.

I will narrow it down to 6 most popular on each of the list and THEN!

Then anyone who gives to the campaign when it launches will get a survey sent to them and they will get the final say on which characters are used!

The rewards are better. I need less money. This is poised to be great. Let's make it happen!


*have I said how much I love Richard? Cuz I do. He's a sweetheart and wonderful.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

In which I fail... but come out swinging

**FIRST I WANNA THANK EVERYONE. EVERYONE. EVEN HATER DUDE. Thanks for giving me even a little of your time and attention. Life is busy. Thanks for taking the time to be silly with me **


Tie Me up & Nerd Me.

Great Idea.... with big ol' execution flaws.

So yeah. What did I do right?

I think doing the poll to determine which characters would show up was right.
Vlogging was fun and a great tool ( I think I shall continue)
I *hope* I balanced the "message" with enough fun and goofy that I didn't bot-ify myself
I've made connections with a lot of new, exciting people in the last 35 days!


What went wrong?

Well, there was the using the way too expensive printer to start with.
(which was a biggie)
I'm not sure I nailed giving people the rewards they wanted.
I needed to get the word out further.

So I'm brainstorming ideas for *next time*. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
What kinds of rewards would you like to see? Did I miss an important lesson?

Friday, January 11, 2013

In which I get skooled: and it's wonderful (TIE ME UP & NERD ME UPDATE)

I got an email. The subject line read: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Now, generally, I ignore such things. I mean... I'm *probably* doing it wrong, and I *probably don't give a flying fuck. 

I mean..

But turns out... Occasionally other people know 1 or 2 helpful things.


Why? Because finding more reasonable printing means I get to pass my largess to you! 

MORE CHARACTERS! Yes! SHE HULK & PSYLOCKE will join the ranks!


 Everyone that got

3 posters will get:  3 posters & 2 8x10s
**also- the Wonder Woman & Vampirella posters will be limited edition, with only 50 of each printed**

1 poster:    1 poster & 4 8x10s

3 8x10s:   5 8x10s

1 8x10:   1 8x10 and 4 postcards

3 postcards:   3 Postcards and 2 Digitals

1 Postcard:   1 Postcard  and 4 Digitals

3 Digitals:   All 5 Digitals

There are now 5 sets of Bindings available and each will include a full set of personalized & signed postcards. 

We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there so Make like the Bandit and HAUL ass over to the 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It has been brought to my attention that I have been a bad bad girl.

I have NOT posted *SHOES* for the characters!

Okay kids! Let's PLAY!

Both Wonder Woman & Vampirella traditionally wear boots. Honestly? I'm not overly bound by tradition in this case. So I'm giving an option one boot idea and one pump. PLEEEEASE let me know what you think. :D

For Wonder Woman I'd probably go with RED. The Boots lace up the back, which is a nice detail. The sparkly bow on the back of the pumps is nice too. 

 For Vampirella we wanna go a little rougher. I could have gone with the spiky heels that have been everywhere lately, but meh. I like the texture on the heel of the pump, but the "tied up" theme could be nice with the boot.

What Do you THINK? 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vampirella Costume Visuals!

Okay! So!

You're going to have to use your imagination on this one a bit!

So, since I'm doing a *bondage* shoot and I don't want the costumes to be 100% torn from the pages (as to not disrespect the creators of the characters)

So I'm thinking I'd like to do a Shibari re-imagining of the Vampirella outfit,

sorta like this :

Only in red! And a little different. ( All due credit to the creator of this delight!)  

Of course, I'll rock the fangs and have the long locks :D 

Lemme know what you think! 

More LiveStream Info

MORE info about the Live Stream Deal!


got questions? Ask! I'm always around!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Okay kids: It's time to get SERIOUS about this whole TIE ME UP & NERD ME thing.

So Imma do a livestream-a-thon

And *YOU* can help.

What'my gonna do?

I have no IDEA!

That's where you come in.

Got something you want me to read? Something funny or sexy or whatever?

Maybe so people will hear it? Maybe cuz you want me to critique it? Cuz you want to try to embarrass me by having me read very silly things.  

Got questions you want me to answer? Live on video so you can see the incredulous look on my face?

Want to dare me to do some stupid human trick?

Whatever it is (not porn) YOU get to DECIDE.

For every $50 donation you get 3 minutes. of me doing... whatever.

I'm gonna do this Monday 1/14 and Tuesday 1/15 between 8PM to 12PM EST

Want in? Email me! Lgwenn @ yahoo . com

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wonder Woman?

So this is what I'm thinking for the Wonder Woman shoot :

This is from Shhh Couture which has MANY geek inspired latex outfits

Maybe with these?


Plus A wig and all of the little detail stuff. 

And of course

Tell me what you think! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Results are in!

GO Support the Campaign! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA! TIE ME UP & NERD ME!

Also I am all over WHACK! magazine at the moment! Go check out my comic book reviews, Interview with Erotica Author Tiffany Reisz and a special Tie Me Up and Nerd me video!