Sunday, January 6, 2013


Okay kids: It's time to get SERIOUS about this whole TIE ME UP & NERD ME thing.

So Imma do a livestream-a-thon

And *YOU* can help.

What'my gonna do?

I have no IDEA!

That's where you come in.

Got something you want me to read? Something funny or sexy or whatever?

Maybe so people will hear it? Maybe cuz you want me to critique it? Cuz you want to try to embarrass me by having me read very silly things.  

Got questions you want me to answer? Live on video so you can see the incredulous look on my face?

Want to dare me to do some stupid human trick?

Whatever it is (not porn) YOU get to DECIDE.

For every $50 donation you get 3 minutes. of me doing... whatever.

I'm gonna do this Monday 1/14 and Tuesday 1/15 between 8PM to 12PM EST

Want in? Email me! Lgwenn @ yahoo . com

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