Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Page Contest!!!

**Thanks to the WONDERFUL Shelley Watters I will be taking part in a first page contest! Any critique is appreciated! I have a  day to get it shaped up before it gets entered. Thanks!!**

Adult UF, 80,000 words

I burst out of the door, all goosebumps and cold sweat, and held it closed behind me. Heat and humidity grabbed me. It would take some time to walk off the chill of the store's air conditioner. I started making that happen. In a few steps, I felt the slight "pop" of walking past the store's magical wards. I kept trucking.

I took a moment to breathe in Philly. Above me a sliver of open sky peeked between the buildings. The city lights obliterated the stars, one of the few things I didn't like about urban living, but a blind man could have seen the shooting star that streaked across just then.

I ambled along, happy to have caught a glimpse of the meteor. I wondered how many other people had seen it, even in a city this size. My feet carried me down the usual path toward home, my comfy couch, my dog and a good book. Walking with my eyes on the sky was pure, unadulterated dumb. I'd spent my whole life in Philly. I knew better than to wander around, not checking down dark alleys and not peering behind crouching stoops. 

              He was just crossing the street, or so I thought. But instead of breezing by, he grabbed my hand. Pulled it across my chest. Snapped his body behind mine. I couldn't see him. Time slowed down.
It's like we're doing the tango. My assailant used my own arm to pin my body to his. It wasn't until something cold and sharp pressed into the soft space under my ear that I realized just how fucked I was.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's happening in UF?

I'm 100% ready to admit I'm SLACKIN' in the reading department lately. Between writing, my business, doing some Beta reading (paying it forward for the day when this new MS is done)  and my twitter addiction I really haven't had as much time to read as I would like. On top of that, the things I have been reading have been-- well, not blog specific-- not sexy, not UF or all of the above.

I have read a few things including Divine Misfortune by A. Lee Martinez which I enjoyed.

I haven't gotten the new Sookie Stackhouse book yet. I'll probably wait for paperback since I NEED to have a no new books on the shelves policy-- having a whole room devoted just to books I MUST have on hand is fine, but keeping books just because I spent $30 on them-- less so.

I have given into the hype and read Game of Thrones-- and I bought the complete set, so I'll be reading all of those. ( I still maintain that I don't like Epic Fantasy. I'm not a dork. I'm not a Dork. I'm not a Dork!)

I also have more than a few books that I am looking forward to... The new Jesse James Dawson book A Shot in the Dark comes out on July 5th. The new Dresden Novel Ghost Story  and the new Jane True book will both be out on July 26th. Possess, a debut from the oh-so-sassy Gretchen McNeil is out in late August.  Aloha from Hell, the latest Sandman Slim book, won't be out till Oct 18th (right before I go to Ireland! Perfect plane reading!)

What am I missing? What should be on my list of things to read? What are you looking forward to?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Satisfying Conclusion

 KIDS! Go Play!

**This is it. The last installment. Hope you have enjoyed it!**

Melissa, the Woman
I don't want to be a little girl anymore.” Melissa whispered into her lover's mouth.
Then you should get out of that outfit. Like I said, it was a joke. I have your real present here. He presented her with a gift bag. 
She peeked inside, obviously pleased with what she saw. She smiled and went to find a place to change.

She had never worn garters before and she worried that maybe she wasn't wearing them correctly. No, she wouldn't allow herself to be dragged down into the insecurity of girl-hood. She was a woman. A women had confidence. Besides, if he was critiquing how she wore her garters, she was doing something really wrong. 
A few minutes later, she reemerged from the bathroom. She was now decked out in a blue bustier that made the most of her small breasts by excentuating her tiny waist and picked up the color of her eyes. The garters brought attention to her taut thighs, she figured that was their job and left them to it. She smiled as the look of appreciation on Steve's face warmed her. 
Oh, come here. You look delicious.” Steve stood at the desk, still clothed in his professor gear.

No. I'm just about done doing as I'm told. I'm here, nearly naked. I've never gotten to see you without your tweed and your tie. I'd very much like to.” She couldn't believe the words were coming out of her mouth. He loosened his tie.

She walked over to the other end of the desk, sat down so that she wasn't facing him and twisted to look at him over her shoulder . He proceeded to strip. Slowly, his eyes never leaving hers, he took off his jacket then his tie. When his shirt came off, she inhaled deeply and looked away for a moment to hide her blush. She wouldn't have guessed that he was so built underneath his clothes. The word was ripped. Her mouth watered. 
The shoes came off next, his oxblood wingtips were carelessly kicked to the other side of the room. He pulled the end of his belt out, teasing her for a moment before pulling it off. Off came his pants and his underwear in one pull. She finally got to see that the deep lines of muscle that ran from his hips led to...

Oh, sweet Jesus
The fumbling advances of boys hadn't prepared her for the weapon he was wielding. Her confidence was shaken by the size and the girth of the thing. She could see in his eyes that he read her apprehension. She took it as a challenge. Turning away from him, Melissa leaned back onto the desk and arched her body in a manner she could only imagine was becoming.
From behind, his warm hand slid around her neck cradling her possessively. He paused there, but then continued down pushing his hand under the lace cups of her bustier. He grasped her nipple between his fingers and gently tweaked. Melissa sucked in a deep breath. His fingertips were callused. She didn't expect them to be rough, but she found she quite liked it.

He walked around the desk to stand in front of her. He pressed his palms onto the wood on either side of her bare legs. Leaning in, he planted a kiss between her breasts. He drew a line from his kiss down to her sodden thong and hooked his finger there. With one good jerk he snapped the fabric. Shocked by the violence of the act, Melissa cried out.

Steve snuggled his face into her strawberry blonde hair and chuckled. “I pulled some of the stitches out. I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off on my own.”
She grabbed him up, with the same violence that he ripped her thong, but without the forethought. He tumbled onto her. 
There they were. No more impediments between them, no position, no parents, not even the thin fabric of her thong. She would wait no longer. She reached down and grabbed his member. It was his turn to cry out. 
He pushed a little, entering her with such sweet agony that her eyes rolled back in her head. When she recovered her senses, she began to move in concert with him, matching him thrust for thrust. He showered her with little kisses and sighs as he met her body with his own. She let her fingers play, through his hair, down his chest, around his hips. Grabbing her ass and pulling her closer, he upped the tempo. In response, she wrapped her arms around his neck and matched his intensity. She screamed as the intensity and need came to a crescendo inside her.

I can't hold out much longer.”

Melissa didn't bother with a discussion about it. She pushed him away, then pulled him in as she spun, switching places with him. She dropped to her knees before the man she had been daydreaming about for years and took him into her mouth. 
She could taste him, his immanent climax salty on her tongue. She could taste herself, the flavor of lust all grown up. She licked and sucked, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could manage. When he came it was a welcome surprise.

All's Well that Ends Well
Packed bags were neatly arranged in the foyer, but all the guests were still in the dining room. No one was eager to leave Summerland Estate. 
I'm not sure I got a lot of writing done this weekend.” Rena smiled, hoping her face didn't betray the fact that she really didn't care about the lack of literary stimulation. There was plenty of other stimuli around. 
Well, I think Jez learned a lot.” A blonde man no one had bothered to introduce chimed in. He had shown up out of nowhere. No one bothered to question that either. The pale chica certainly looked a lot more mellow. 
Rena looked over at Melissa. The kid's eyes sparkled. Rena couldn't put her finger on it, but something about the girl was different. A little unintentional eavesdropping on a phone conversation between Melissa and what Rena assumed was her mother has left the older woman impressed. It had been a surprisingly genteel, but not one sided conversation. Maybe Rena's first impression of the Melissa as freckles and pigtails wasn't quite accurate.

I, for one, got exactly what I was looking for.” She gave the Retreat Master-- What was his name, anyway?-- a sly smile that looked anything but childlike. 
Crystal came from behind and wrapped her arms around Rena's shoulders. “The cars are here. It's time to go.”

Rena looked up at her beloved and saw the same sparkle in her eyes that the kid...No, can't really call her the kid anymore can I? It's like she picked up a little of the attitude that Miss Jez decided to get rid of.

Crystal bumped Rena's chair with her hip, jolting her out of her reverie. Rena didn't want to go. Didn't want to lose this magic. There was only one regret. For a moment her mind lingered on how it felt to be filled up so completely. His cock had been so much bigger than his fingers...

As if she could read her mind, Crystal bent down and whispered in her ear. “Oh, come on, baby, we have the rest of our lives to play. We'll always have Summerland Estate.”

Jez wasn't stalling, she just had to check and make sure she had everything. She flipped through her notebook one more time, thrilled by the pages and pages of writing she found there.

Wait a minute.
The solarium scene was still in her notebook. She had never turned it in or let anyone read it. What the hell? As everyone else had gone outside, she seized the opportunity and cornered the Retreat Master. 
Did you take my notebook? No, I know you must have. My real questions are how and why? Did you sneak into my room?”

No. I can't explained what happened here this weekend, but as far as I can tell it happened for everyone. I never got any of the writing that was done, and I didn't take it.”

So how?”

He didn't answer. He just held his hands up to the ceiling and looked around the foyer.
Jez couldn't be sure, but she thought she heard throaty laughter in the distance.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Jez stared, slack jawed and wide-eyed at the man she had married six years ago. He couldn't be the one that had brought her so much pain. And so much pleasure. Her first instinct was to start yelling, in fact she couldn't stop her lip from twitching up into a snarl. 
No ma'am. I won't allow it.” Brandon switched her breast lightly with the flog. “You hid yourself from me, dear Jezbelinda.” He turned to a large cabinet, opened it and looked in thoughtfully. She could see a plethora of sex toys and implements inside. “You are mine and you kept what was mine hidden away. You will give it to me now. You will.” He turned back to her, this time brandishing an enormous plug in vibrator with a head like a microphone.

Melissa the Girl
Melissa minced into the room, too aware of the shortness of her skirt to pull off the confidence she desperately wanted to exude. The carriage house had been converted into an office, but the d├ęcor maintained the antique feel that the rest of Summerland had. 

The desk that sat in the middle of the room was wide and long. She stroked the dark wood top and found it satiny smooth, proof of it's quality and the care it had received over the years. Nothing cluttered its surface, not a blotter, or a pen holder. It struck Melissa as odd. She bent over to open the drawer on the front.

Melissa. I see you got my little gag gift.”

Melissa froze. Gag gift? This was a joke? She couldn't bring herself to turn around and face Professor Macmillan. Tears pricked her eyes. She straightened herself up quickly. Her one-- apparently foolish – attempt at daring had been to go sans panties under the tiny skirt that he had provided with her gag gift. She was certain that he got quite a peep show to go with his comedy.

Melissa, why is the outfit funny?” 
He was doing what he does. Asking a question that would lead to another question, leading to an answer. Socratic method. It was how he taught, and apparently how he humiliated.

Because I look ridiculous.”

And why do you look ridiculous?” 
Because I'm dressed up like a wanton slut?”

Wrong.” Suddenly, he was right behind her. His lips hung in the air, a whisper away from her ear. Warmth radiated from his body. “It is ridiculous because you are playing at being a little girl. I can't love a little girl, Melissa. I need a full grown woman.”

Realization dawned on Melissa. She'd spent her life busy with “should dos” and “momma wants”. Somehow between fifteen and twenty, nothing had changed for her. She was capable, she could handle herself, yet somehow she managed to get stuck doing the comfortable thing. 
Except her writing. It was the one place she was free. She wrote about things she couldn't imaging doing. After all, what would her momma think?

She managed a tight pirouette, pressing herself into Professor...Steve's arms. “I could be a full grown woman, Steve. I just need a nudge.” She thrust her pelvis into his, grinding her mound on his cock. 
Are you certain? This isn't one of those things you can take back.” He looked at her, genuine concern in his blue eyes. 
Are you expecting me to call my Mother and ask permission? Make love to me Steve. Do it properly. I've been at the mercy of incompetent boys up till now. I need a dab hand.”

I will oblige.” He pulled her in for a soft, slow, and in Melissa's opinion-- expertly crafted kiss.

Brandon pressed the spongy tip of the plug-in vibe against her clit and turned the power all the way up. Her entire body felt the waves of pleasure as her deepest muscles clenched and released in quick succession. With each release, she felt her need growing. She wanted something inside her.

He didn't turn off the vibe, but he did turn it down a notch.

What ever you do, don't go putting those beads in my ass.”

Seeing the wild streak in her eyes, he smiled. He got up and retrieved the beads.The quietly buzzing vibrator stayed pressed on her clit. He slowly fed the beads in one at a time. Each time he got a new bead halfway in, her hungry cavity would suck it up and she would shiver and moan. When he got all the beads in, he knelt in front of her. He abandoned the vibe and began prodding her pussy with his tongue.

The heavy vibration had left her clit tingling and a little numb. By the time she could really feel his mouth on her, he was already in full swing. He chose just that moment to tug gently at the string of beads in her ass, awakening her senses in a whole new way. 
With each bead came a wash of pleasure. The need for true penetration flared up inside her like a hunger. Her first instinct was to demand that he fuck her. She bit that back. “Please, please.”

I think you are ready to be let down. Do you promise not to run away? I'm not finished with you. I would be very disappointed in you ran off and left me here with this.” He waved his hard cock at her. 
He lowered her gently onto the floor, but did not remove the cuffs from her wrists and ankles. Her feet and hands were a bit tingly. She didn't care. She wanted him. 
He removed his pants, then went back to the cabinet. This time he pulled out a large, purple, jelly dong. Excitement fluttered in Jez's chest and all the way down into her loins. 
She wanted to scream at him. Command him to fuck her. She didn't. For as much as she liked yelling and demanding and leading, she found herself really enjoying being yelled at. Demanded of. Led. “What would you like me to do?”

Hands and knees. And don't you dare move.”

He walked around her. She complied. There would be bruises, on her hands, her knees, her wrists, her ankles. She didn't care. She knelt in front of him, taking him in. His long muscular legs, his narrow hips, his wide shoulders. He was an Adonis. How could I take him for granted?

Do you submit to me? 
I do.” 
Are you ready to truly, completely submit to me?”

Will you fuck me?

If I choose. Even if I choose not to-- Will you truly submit?”

Yes.” She bowed her head, strangely happy to not have any responsibility other than pleasing Brandon. He unshackled her hands and her feet. 
Lay down on your back. Hands over your head. Wrists together.” She complied with each directive as he barked it out. “Knees up. Feet flat on the floor.” 
A stack of pillows sat in the corner of the room. Brandon grabbed a few and shoved them under her ass, propping her up. He brandished the dong at her, with mock menace. At least, she hoped it was mock menace.

Lining up the dildo with her sopping wet pussy, he pressed it so the head just opened her inner lips. Her hips bucked in response. 
Don't.” She listened to the command and stilled herself. “Is this what you want? To be filled up? For me to cram this fake dick up your cooze until you scream?”

She'd never heard him use such rough language. How was it possible for her to be offended and turned on at the same time? How could he hurt her so bad and make her feel so...

The thought was cut off by Brandon plowing the purple jelly into her with a vehemence she had never experienced before. She teetered on the edge, pain and pleasure mixing. She was so close. Close, but not getting there.

Not working? Latex just ain't doing it for you, is it?” 
She didn't answer, couldn't. She only managed to whimper, the need to have something-- him-- inside her and get off was so great. She couldn't do anything.

I can take care of that for you. If you ask nicely.”

It took a moment to collect herself, but she made the effort. “Yes. Please. Please. Please.”

Please, what?” 
Please, make love to me.”

Hmm. I changed my mind. I don't want you to ask nicely. I want you to grovel. To beg for it. Tell me what you want me to do, and don't be shy about. You are never shy in your stories. Don't be shy now.”

I want you to put your cock in me.”


I want you to ram your stiff prick in my slit and make me come.”


Please, Master. Fill me up with your magnificent cock. Give me every inch of your manhood. I'll take everything you got, even though it will hurt. Fuck me till you spill your seed deep in my slit. I beg you. Please. Please. Fuck me.” She started off strong, but she ended in a mewling whimper.

That is red hot, baby.”

He plowed into her with his cock, stretching her to her limits and beyond. He pumped, banging into the bottom of her depths with each stroke. Waves of euphoria washed over her. Jez reached her final peak just as Brandon's dick spasmed and swelled, then filled her with his own release.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Admit / Breakfast Alone

** Sticky stuff ahead. And leather. You have been warned**

Did you like watching them fuck one another? Did you enjoy watching them rut like animals? Did it make your cunt wet?” He was walking slow circles around her as she hung from the swing. His face and chest were covered with a leather mask and collar that extended to below his nipples. He knelt before her and shoved his tongue in deep. The leather of his mask rubbed roughly against her clit. Jez didn't want to respond, but her treacherous body betrayed her.

Just as I thought. Wet. Swollen. You are a whore and I am going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.”

No. You don't understand. I wasn't...” Jez didn't even know what lie to tell. How could she explain away sitting in the rain fingering herself while watching other people have sex?

Shut up. There's only one way out of this. Admit and Submit. Confess to your dirty deeds and allow me to have my way.”

I'm totally at your mercy. You can do anything you want to me, I can't stop you.” The realization of just how helpless she was put her on the edge of panic.

That's not submission. That's rape. I don't want to rape you. I want you to ask for it. To beg for it. To do whatever it takes to get it.”

Not bloody likely.” Jez did her best to look defiant, despite her precarious situation.

But I know what you like.” The masked man pulled out what looked like a flogger with a long handle. Jez had never experienced one before, but she had researched them and used them often in her stories.

He started with soft taps, barely grazing her ass with the tasseled end of the whip. She could feel her cheeks pinking up. He increased the intensity of his strikes, smacking her inner thighs and the cleft of her ass. Just when the sting was getting to the unbearable point, he held the flogger up to her face.

You like that don't ya, you little whore? This has an extra feature you are gonna love.”

He flipped the flogger over and pushed the hard plastic handle in her face. Then he walked around her and struck her-- hard-- with the flogger. Pressing the handle onto her pussy, he flipped a switch. Vibrations ran straight from her clit to her brain, making the whole world seem fuzzy and unreal. A moan escaped her lips. She bit down on it, forcing it back down.  
Control yourself, she thought. She couldn't let her body betray her.

Despite her best efforts, or maybe because of them-- her body continued to respond. Alternately he fucked her with the handle, vibrated her clit, licked her pussy and flogged her without mercy. Her pussy was dripping enough to make a puddle on the floor beneath her. She didn't want to want this.

She wanted this.

Please.” She whimpered as the last tremors of an orgasm racked her body.

Please, what?”

Fuck me.”

That sounds like an order. I don't take orders.” He went through another round, lashing her outer lips with the flog, sending electricity running through her.

No. I'm begging. Please. Put your cock in me, please. I want you more than I've ever wanted anything. I need you to fuck me.”

First you must admit what you are.”

I'm a dirty whore.” She said it in a breathy whisper.

Not Good Enough!” He attacked her again and she realized that up till now he had shown amazing control. He grabbed the swing and buried his face in her snatch, licking, nipping, putting his whole face into her. Pain and pleasure met in a crescendo. He squeezed her ass, digging his short fingernails in to her ample flesh.

I'm a dirty slut. I love to think about fucking, talk about fucking, write about fucking. I love cocks and balls and whips and dildos. I love FUCKING!” She screamed out the words as she came harder than ever before.

Her masked captor stepped back. Reaching behind him he carefully unzipped the leather mask. With the other hand he pulled it off, slowly. Jez was shocked to see her name emblazoned on his chest.

Breakfast Alone
No one was around for breakfast, which was a real shame. Melissa had been looking forward to the scrambled eggs she had been promised the night before. It was probably for the best, though. She wasn't certain she could explain herself if anyone did show up. She had time to kill, so she went into the kitchen, dug up some cereal and ate. 
I must be quite a sight, sitting here eating cereal in this get up. She thought to herself. It was the right thought to have. It was the appropriate mortified-by-my-own-body response. Melissa couldn't figure whether her mother would be more humiliated by her wearing the scanty school-girl outfit, or ungraciously turning down a gift. 
I'm a good girl. I'll do as I'm instructed. The card told her to be at the carriage house at ten. While all the men-- including the mysterious gentleman who had shown up in the middle of the night-- were attractive, Melissa couldn't help but fantasize about finding the Professor there. Alone. 
With her luck that bitch Jez would be there, in the same outfit. She would go on and on— loudly-- about how you need tits to fill out an outfit like this. Melissa bent over and pulled her tits up in her bra. It wasn't much, but it was what she had to work with. Sparing a glance at the clock, she realized that it was getting late. She rinsed her bowl and went to find the carriage house.

Monday, June 13, 2011

All the pieces in their places

 ** A quiet interlude before things heat up again**

Rena's were not the only busy fingers. Outside, in the storm, Jez had forgotten all about the “Retreat Master”. She was so engrossed in the unfolding story that when her hand made its way down to her slit, she could not help but try and fill the need she found there.

Between the storm and her distraction, she had no chance to escape the man who was sneaking up on her. When the bag was thrown over her head, she was three fingers deep and headed toward heaven.

In the West Wing
Melissa slept through the storm like a child. Looking over her slack, innocent face the Retreat Master knew-- this would be her last night of innocence.

In The Slave Quarters
Jez woke up with a start. Where was she? Why was she naked? Was she hanging above the ground? Indeed, when her full senses came to her she found herself hanging, naked, sitting on a kind of leather swing. Restraints held her both hand and foot.

Help! Someone!” She yelled but she knew it was useless. She wasn't even sure she was at the estate anymore. The sun was up, but it did very little to brighten the room. How long had she been here?

Someone was there. She heard the shuffle of feet behind her. She tried her best to look over her shoulder to see who it was, but to no avail. “Let me go! I demand that you let me go. You will not believe the level of shit that will rain down upon you if you do not release me right now.” 
No, no, no. I'm in control now. All you can do is sit back and let it happen. Submit to my will. Give yourself to me.” The voice sounded familiar, but the words were so foreign that Jez couldn't place it. 
When I found you, you were being very naughty. Watching those nice people fuck one another. Touching yourself as you watched. You'll have to be punished for that.”

The Gift
Despite a bit too much wine, Melissa woke without an alarm clock at eight thirty as she had most of her life. For a moment, she looked around, disoriented by the unfamiliar surroundings. 
Her adventure rushed back to her. She was at Summerland Estate at a writer's retreat. With Professor Macmillan. She had watched a bondage porn tape. She'd never even seen a regular porn tape before, much less one where people tied each other up and did...things. 
She hopped out of bed and was stopped cold by a box sitting on her dresser. She'd had way too much wine last night, but she didn't remember seeing the lavishly wrapped present. She couldn't resist it. She grabbed it jumped back on the bed and began carefully untying the big pink bow.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rena's Choice

** Nothing in today's LONG post is safe for work, nor for Children. Please KIDS! Go be KIDS!   
 Featuring F/F/M**
Rena's Choice
Crystal's bare yoni was sitting on her thigh, so Rena knew exactly how turned on her lover was at the moment.
Kiss me?” Crystal asked, and while their mouths were mingling, Marcus moved to kneel behind Rena's chair. She felt him there and her body stiffened. Crystal noticed. She cradled Rena's face in her hands. “We won't do a thing that you don't want to. There's just so much I want to share with you.” She laid another soft kiss on Rena's lips, then her jaw, and her neck. She whispered into her Latina lover's ear, “and he has plenty to share!”
Rena giggled a little nervously and looked over her shoulder at Marcus. The effect that the two women had on him was obvious. Indeed, he proved that the stereotype was well earned. She cast her eyes back at her lover, with her muscular arms and her strong thighs.
Please, say it's okay Rena. I want to, but I'll stop if you aren't alright with it.” Crystal's hair covered her face, so Rena couldn't see her expression, but she could hear the shame. If Rena didn't do this now, would Crystal ever be rid of that shame? Could they continue to love and be loved if she always felt judged? Would it be so bad to try?
Rena had to admit that the smooth, toffee-colored man that knelt behind her was intriguing. The fact that he had stayed silent all this time-- not cajoling or trying to hustle her-- spoke volumes. Plus, there was the curiosity factor. How could she write about a type of sex that she had never actually had? Well, once. But losing your virginity in the back seat of a Nova sixteen years ago hardly counted.
Instead of answering, Rena pushed Crystal's hair out of her face and kissed her. It was a deep, thrusting, tongue-twisting kiss. A kiss that produced a new gush of warmth from Crystal onto Rena's thigh.
I don't...”
Reading Rena's thought, Crystal silenced her with a kiss. “Just let us. We'll do all the work.”
As if on cue, both Crystal and Marcus stood up. He swept Rena out of the chair and carried her to the bed. He sat her down, scrambled onto the high mattress, then sat with his back to the headboard, his legs splayed out in front of him.
Crystal wrapped her arms around Rena, trailing her fingers up and down her back. Finally, she grabbed Rena's bra and popped the hooks like a pro. When Rena's generous bosom was exposed, Crystal latched on, licking and suckling till Rena felt like her nipples were going to fall off, they were so hard. Rena warily noted Marcus, out of the corner of her eye. He was enjoying himself, but seemed perfectly content to sit and watch for now, idly rubbing his extremely turgid cock. Rena marveled at his self control.
Crystal gestured with her head for Rena to back up and make space for her on the bed. Marcus spread his legs and patted the bed between them. She complied, leaning her back carefully against him. Crystal crawled in after her. There they were-- three shades of people. From Marcus' toffee skin, to Rena's deep olive tint, to Crystal's tan, yet still white, complexion-- they covered the spectrum. Crystal laid between Rena's knees, looking up at her expectantly.
May Marcus touch you?”
Would you like for Marcus to touch you?”
Rena felt Marcus' pinga jump at her answer. It surprised her, but not as much as the feeling in engendered in her pussy. Suddenly, she wanted very much for Marcus to touch her.
Marcus reached around and cupped both of Rena's tits in his hands. They were big hands, but her tetas still overflowed them. Cautiously, at first, and then with more confidence, he began to nibble on her neck and ear. His hands were softer than she expected. He used them to knead her breasts and tweak her nipples.
Not one to be left out, Crystal began a trail of licks and nibbles of her own. Starting inside Rena's left knee, she traced a slow line with her mouth up the Latina's thigh.
As Crystal made progress toward her center, Rena went from a quiver, to gasping trembles, to full body vibration complete with moaning. She was aware of the effect that her writhing had on Marcus' hard shaft as Crystal got closer and closer to her cocha. It was like the world's best lap dance, and his breath quickened with every shimmy.
Finally, she made it. Her tongue parted Rena's inner lips and playfully laved her clit, earning a quick in breath and a rain of pussy juice. Crystal shoved her tongue inside, licking up every bit of nectar and spreading it around with slow, soft, flat-tongued stokes. Rena's body went stiff as she came, her back arching, her hips coming off the bed. Crystal took this opportunity to attack her clit with quick flicks of her tongue, driving Rena to a new level of release.
Crystal heaved herself up to kiss Rena, the taste of sweet pussy juice still fresh on her lips. She placed her knee in the vertex of Rena's thighs and gently pressed in as she reached over Rena's head to kiss Marcus. This arrangement had the added bonus of thrusting Crystal's breasts into Rena's face.
Crystal quickly grew tired of this arrangement. She clambered over Rena's outstretched leg and pulled her further down the bed and onto her side. Both of Rena's lovers stretched themselves out along her sides, Marcus near her head, Crystal beside her legs. Marcus reached over and put two fingers on top of her bushy mound. He looked at her for permission. She nodded, gasping as his long fingers made their way past her labia and deep into her secret space. He held steady for a moment, and without conscious thought Rena bucked her hips forcing his fingers deeper.
Thought was only going to get in Rena's way, so she let go. When Crystal stuck her fingers in her mouth to lube them up, then gently began probing her asshole, Rena gave way to her animal nature and allowed pleasure and pain to mingle, creating a roaring void inside her mind. Needing to do something— anything-- to express what was happening inside her, Rena reached out and grabbed Marcus' cock.
At first she moved out of need. She wrapped her full lips around his shaft and began to lick and suck. When her sense started to come back to her, it dawned that she had never sucked cock before. She was surprised by it's sponginess, how smooth and soft the skin was, how it jumped and twitched in response to her tongue. It was long and thick, easily as big as the dildos that Crystal often used. Now that she had control she tried to be gentle, worried that she would hurt him. But as they filled all of her up, she lost control and began fucking him with her mouth, pausing only to nip at the head or graze his balls with her tongue.
Marcus splayed his hand across her chest, preventing her from making him come. It dawned on Rena that she was being a bit selfish. Poor Crystal hasn't gotten her due. She deserved to come the way Rena had, over and over again. Rena took charge.
After a confused moment of rearranging bodies, Crystal ended up on her hands and knees with Rena's mouth poised below the fairer woman's sex and Marcus behind. Rena started by licking at Crystal's clit, Marcus started off easy-- preferring to prime Crystal with his fingers first. She moaned quietly with pleasure, but Rena was determined. She would make her little Amazon scream.
Put your cock in her.” Rena panted as she assaulted Crystals pussy with her tongue. She lapped and probed and suckled, as Marcus filled her inch by inch. Rena had fucked Crystal many times with a strap on. She knew exactly what her lover liked. “Push down. She likes it when you rub the front.”
She heard Crystal's breath get ragged. “Harder. She likes to be fucked.” A high pitched keening developed in the back of Crystal's throat, but it wasn't enough. “Now deep. Full strokes. And don't you dare come until my baby screams for mercy!”
He was going hard, ramming his stiff member into her as hard as he could, dropping his weight into each stroke for good measure. She was close. But not yet there. Rena snaked her way out from underneath, knowing what she had to do. She spread Crystal's cheeks and lubed up her pucker with a mixture of spit and the juice from her own swollen, wet pussy. She locked eyes with Marcus.
Take her over the edge. She needs this.” He planted the head of his cock in her rear entrance and pressed. After a moment's resistance it relented, opening to him without losing its sweet pressure. Crystal went from a low moan to a heavenly alto. Marcus joined her, a short baritone exclamation that marked his own release. Rena let her all of her senses feast on the tableau before her. She busied her fingers until they had three part harmony.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Game

 ** I so wanted to get the whole scene in was just too long! Don't worry I shant tease much longer! **

The Solarium

Crystal must have had more wine than I paid attention to, Rena thought, curious and concerned in equal measures. Marcus had knocked on their door about twenty minutes earlier, claiming insomnia brought on by the big old house and the storm. Crystal had apparently been dying to see the house all day, and who better to give them the fifty cent tour? 
They had snuck around, checking out the music room, the kitchen, and the formal parlor. Crystal had marveled aloud at the storm still raging outside and Marcus had suggested checking out the solarium. 
The solarium was set up as a bedroom, a nod to the days before air conditioning when the best one could hope for was a cool breeze through an open window. The walls were nothing but windows. Glass from floor to... Actually, the ceiling was glass as well. Little cranks held the windows shut tight against the wind and rain. The bed even had a clever little canopy made of netting that dropped down and kept the bugs at bay.

Come on, Rena! Marcus is dealing. You in or what?” Crystal was usually “in-charge-Amazon”, but Rena had never seen her quite so flirtatious and forward as she was tonight. She kept reaching out, fingers brushing his hand, his back.

Rena turned away from them, a little annoyed by the betrayal of her lover, and her own body. She could feel warmth building in her cocha with each of Crystal's coquettish touches. They were playing poker. She gave it three hands before the suggestion of strip poker came up. Rena glanced over her shoulder at the card players.

So.” Wide brown eyes sparkled with delight. Crystal licked her lips and tugged on her necklace, subconsciously bringing attention to both her full lips and her small, firm breasts. 
 “How 'bout we make this game interesting?”

Rena whirled around. That was fast.
In the Storm
The wind carried rain under the covered walkway, soaking through the thin fabric of Jez's shirt, causing it to cling to her breasts and belly. She wasn't paying any attention to the cold or the rain. It was happening
They were playing cards, all three players stripped to their undergarments. Crystal was holding her cards high, her brown eyes peering over the top with playful shrewdness. “If I'm not mistaken, you two are about to be naked.”

Uh uh uh! I still have socks on.” Marcus pointed down at his foot.

Playing like that, nobody wins.” Jez mouthed the words as Crystal said them. It was just the way she had wrote it, Crystal had even gotten the petulant tone right.

Jez couldn't spare a glance for the snooty “Retreat Master”. After a bit of playful verbal jousting the blonde and the bellboy were naked. They turned their attention on the Latin woman. She was a better poker player than either of them, or at least she wasn't playing to lose. Rena was still sitting there in her bra and panties, carefully watching the events unfolding before her. 
Rena?” Sing-song, playful-- the name had been different in Jez's story, but the effect was the same. The athletically built blonde straddled her curvy lover, looking deep into her hazel eyes. “Rena, won't you come play with us? It's been a long time since I played this game, but if you want to I'll show you how.” 
Jez felt her nipples tighten up in response to seeing them. It was just what she had seen in her mind.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dinner and a Show

 **We continue. Pretty tame, but building to the "big finishes" to come. Hope you enjoy. **

The Evening Activities
Dinner had gone deadly quiet. Outside, the sky fell in a steady, drumming rain deepening the quiet. The scraping of forks dented the silence without truly breaking it. 

Inside each of the folders were examples of each of the participant's writing. Melissa wasn't sure what was more mortifying. Knowing that sour, unpleasant Jez was responsible for a piece of writing that had kept her and her vibrator busy for a few hours or having the bitch stand up and read one of Melissa's stories. Out loud. At the dinner table. She was just grateful it wasn't what she had written that day. It was probably the hottest, dirtiest writing she had ever done.

Luckily, Jez's “reading” came before the Professor joined them. He was here now, his eyes cool, but keen. He was watching Melissa intently, but without the predatory gleam or the fawning foppishness of the boys that she went to school with. No, the Professor looked at her the same way he did in class. Like he had a challenge for her. Like he knew what he was asking would require work on her part, but he was sure she was up for it.

We have all had time to ourselves. Now we must get comfortable with one another. Let us chat. What's your favorite guilty-pleasure read?”

He directed the question at Crystal, Melissa noticed, immediately including her despite her “non-participant” status.

I read paranormal erotic romance. I know it gets a bad wrap, but I don't care. Danger turns me on.”

Interesting.” He was fully in Retreat Master mode now. “What would you do if you found yourself in a dangerous, sexually-charged situation?”

The woman's brown eyes flicked up to the ceiling for a moment, thinking. “I guess it would depend.”

On?” It was Rena that asked the question.

On who I was with. On how comfortable I felt.”
A quiet knock on the door from the kitchen startled Melissa. Marcus stepped halfway through the door. “I'm going to go now, if you don't need anything else.”

Melissa eyed the pounding rain and remembered the twisty roads that led to the estate. Certainly he wasn't going to drive in that mess? Her face must have been easy to read; the Professor smiled at her.

Would anyone object to me offering Marcus a place to stay here tonight? I'm afraid he won't make it back to scramble eggs for us in the morning if we let him leave now.”

Well, we can't have that. Can we?” Crystal answered, apparently getting more comfortable by the moment. Rena shook her head, offering no argument.

No objections here.” Melissa piped in.

Jez looked prepared to argue, but saw that the room was against her.

Join us for dinner. It's delicious.” Crystal smiled.

I hope so. I spent hours working on it.”

Melissa's cell phone began to buzz in her pocket. She chose to ignore it. It continued to buzz every three minutes until she finally stormed out of the dining room to have a strained conversation with her mother. Melissa did her best to keep her composure while blocking the sound of her mother's shrill voice. In the end she only managed to escape by promising her mother she would stop by before she returned to her dorm.

The rest of the night was uneventful, passing in conversation and wine. Lots of wine.
Marcus turned in first, using early morning egg making as his excuse. Rena and Crystal agreed and shortly after they stumbled off, hand in hand, toward their suite. After one or three too many glasses of wine, Melissa excused herself, as well. Her bed was calling her.
Jez and the Retreat Master 
The man who so annoyingly referred to himself as the Retreat Master stopped Jez as she stood up to leave. “Stay back for a moment, won't you? I would like to talk to you about your writing.”

I bet you would.” She quickly appraised him. Salt and pepper hair, steel blue eyes. Not obviously muscular, like her Brandon, but trim and fit nonetheless.

Actually, I have something I want to show you, but it's not quite ready. Sit down and have a glass of wine with me. I noticed that you didn't imbibe with the others.”

I don't drink.”

Oh, I'm so sorry. I can go and get you a glass of tonic if alcohol is a problem for you.” His facial expression seemed caught between pity for a drunk and cautious indulgence for a religious nut. Neither of those types fit the careful picture that Jez wanted to present. She quickly disabused him of either notion.

I don't drink wine. If you happen to have a nice scotch, single malt, I'll happy drink with you.”

Ah ha! Excellent. I'll just go fetch it from the liquor cabinet. Ice?”

No. Thanks.”

He returned a few moments later with a cut crystal rocks glass filled with disgusting, disgusting scotch. He'd been generous with his portions.
The trick would be to belt it down. It would make her look tough and get it over with quickly. She threw back the drink as fast as she could, but the glass was near full and it took several swallows to get it all down. The burn took root in her mouth and came to full bloom in her belly, causing her to gasp for breath. “Woo, that's good stuff.”

He rambled on for a few minutes more, spouting more of the philosophical crap from the folder. She didn't pay him any mind until he focused on her specifically. “I think that we can go take a look at what I wanted to show you now. It should be ready.”

Jez stood up and wobbled, surprised at how fast the scotch had gone to her head. She followed Mister Master. Ha ha, Mister Master. Oh, crap. I might be drunk! She did her best to remain upright and poised on their walk out of the dining room, out of the house, and down a familiar covered pathway. She suspected she didn't succeed.

They silently approached the solarium. Bright light glittered through the glass walls.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Prompts

 Kids! This isn't for you!

**Short and you the scene**

The Slave Quarters

Melissa cautiously opened the slave quarters door and peeked inside. “Hello? Is anyone here?” 
The folder had said she would have the whole building to herself, but she couldn't be too sure. Inside was an elaborate set up that made her mind reel. At the center of the room hung what appeared to be two large stirrups with cuffs hanging from the bottom and from the top. 

There will be a video that demonstrates the use of the more exotic implements available.
Your Prompt:
An overly dominant, yet repressed, woman needs to learn to release control and open herself up to her husband. Let your environment inspire you.

Melissa slid the DVD into the player and her education began. She cast guilty eyes about the place, nervous she would get caught watching porn. It was just her and her reflection in the large mirror that dominated the right wall. The woman in the video was trussed up a leather swing that matched the one here. When she started to moan, Melissa squirmed. After one more glance around to make sure she was alone, she slid her hand down past the waistband of her shorts and began getting inspired.

The Solarium

This room had potential. A bit girly for her taste, but it could work. Jez strode around the room checking out the canopy bed. Hanging from the posts, cleverly hidden by the folds of the cloth canopy were straps- hand holds in case you wanted to stand up. Frilly, but functional. Nice.

Inside the envelope was her prompt. It was a classic set up and she looked forward to writing the scene.

Two women with varied and voracious carnal appetites have both given up on experiencing the full spectrum of sexual pleasure to spare each other the pain of insecurity. Tonight, though, they will be visited by a man who will bring them to a mutually satisfying conclusion.

She tossed the prompt on the bed and continued around the room. Checking out her reflection in the glass walls, she started imagining the things her characters would do here.

The Carriage House

The Carriage House had been converted to an office with a large antique desk at its center. Rena sat on the desk and considered the room. Crystal couldn't resist the sealed envelope with the prompt in it, so Rena already knew what she needed to write, but it was hard to concentrate. She could still smell Crystal all over her.