Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Game

 ** I so wanted to get the whole scene in was just too long! Don't worry I shant tease much longer! **

The Solarium

Crystal must have had more wine than I paid attention to, Rena thought, curious and concerned in equal measures. Marcus had knocked on their door about twenty minutes earlier, claiming insomnia brought on by the big old house and the storm. Crystal had apparently been dying to see the house all day, and who better to give them the fifty cent tour? 
They had snuck around, checking out the music room, the kitchen, and the formal parlor. Crystal had marveled aloud at the storm still raging outside and Marcus had suggested checking out the solarium. 
The solarium was set up as a bedroom, a nod to the days before air conditioning when the best one could hope for was a cool breeze through an open window. The walls were nothing but windows. Glass from floor to... Actually, the ceiling was glass as well. Little cranks held the windows shut tight against the wind and rain. The bed even had a clever little canopy made of netting that dropped down and kept the bugs at bay.

Come on, Rena! Marcus is dealing. You in or what?” Crystal was usually “in-charge-Amazon”, but Rena had never seen her quite so flirtatious and forward as she was tonight. She kept reaching out, fingers brushing his hand, his back.

Rena turned away from them, a little annoyed by the betrayal of her lover, and her own body. She could feel warmth building in her cocha with each of Crystal's coquettish touches. They were playing poker. She gave it three hands before the suggestion of strip poker came up. Rena glanced over her shoulder at the card players.

So.” Wide brown eyes sparkled with delight. Crystal licked her lips and tugged on her necklace, subconsciously bringing attention to both her full lips and her small, firm breasts. 
 “How 'bout we make this game interesting?”

Rena whirled around. That was fast.
In the Storm
The wind carried rain under the covered walkway, soaking through the thin fabric of Jez's shirt, causing it to cling to her breasts and belly. She wasn't paying any attention to the cold or the rain. It was happening
They were playing cards, all three players stripped to their undergarments. Crystal was holding her cards high, her brown eyes peering over the top with playful shrewdness. “If I'm not mistaken, you two are about to be naked.”

Uh uh uh! I still have socks on.” Marcus pointed down at his foot.

Playing like that, nobody wins.” Jez mouthed the words as Crystal said them. It was just the way she had wrote it, Crystal had even gotten the petulant tone right.

Jez couldn't spare a glance for the snooty “Retreat Master”. After a bit of playful verbal jousting the blonde and the bellboy were naked. They turned their attention on the Latin woman. She was a better poker player than either of them, or at least she wasn't playing to lose. Rena was still sitting there in her bra and panties, carefully watching the events unfolding before her. 
Rena?” Sing-song, playful-- the name had been different in Jez's story, but the effect was the same. The athletically built blonde straddled her curvy lover, looking deep into her hazel eyes. “Rena, won't you come play with us? It's been a long time since I played this game, but if you want to I'll show you how.” 
Jez felt her nipples tighten up in response to seeing them. It was just what she had seen in her mind.

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