Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Admit / Breakfast Alone

** Sticky stuff ahead. And leather. You have been warned**

Did you like watching them fuck one another? Did you enjoy watching them rut like animals? Did it make your cunt wet?” He was walking slow circles around her as she hung from the swing. His face and chest were covered with a leather mask and collar that extended to below his nipples. He knelt before her and shoved his tongue in deep. The leather of his mask rubbed roughly against her clit. Jez didn't want to respond, but her treacherous body betrayed her.

Just as I thought. Wet. Swollen. You are a whore and I am going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.”

No. You don't understand. I wasn't...” Jez didn't even know what lie to tell. How could she explain away sitting in the rain fingering herself while watching other people have sex?

Shut up. There's only one way out of this. Admit and Submit. Confess to your dirty deeds and allow me to have my way.”

I'm totally at your mercy. You can do anything you want to me, I can't stop you.” The realization of just how helpless she was put her on the edge of panic.

That's not submission. That's rape. I don't want to rape you. I want you to ask for it. To beg for it. To do whatever it takes to get it.”

Not bloody likely.” Jez did her best to look defiant, despite her precarious situation.

But I know what you like.” The masked man pulled out what looked like a flogger with a long handle. Jez had never experienced one before, but she had researched them and used them often in her stories.

He started with soft taps, barely grazing her ass with the tasseled end of the whip. She could feel her cheeks pinking up. He increased the intensity of his strikes, smacking her inner thighs and the cleft of her ass. Just when the sting was getting to the unbearable point, he held the flogger up to her face.

You like that don't ya, you little whore? This has an extra feature you are gonna love.”

He flipped the flogger over and pushed the hard plastic handle in her face. Then he walked around her and struck her-- hard-- with the flogger. Pressing the handle onto her pussy, he flipped a switch. Vibrations ran straight from her clit to her brain, making the whole world seem fuzzy and unreal. A moan escaped her lips. She bit down on it, forcing it back down.  
Control yourself, she thought. She couldn't let her body betray her.

Despite her best efforts, or maybe because of them-- her body continued to respond. Alternately he fucked her with the handle, vibrated her clit, licked her pussy and flogged her without mercy. Her pussy was dripping enough to make a puddle on the floor beneath her. She didn't want to want this.

She wanted this.

Please.” She whimpered as the last tremors of an orgasm racked her body.

Please, what?”

Fuck me.”

That sounds like an order. I don't take orders.” He went through another round, lashing her outer lips with the flog, sending electricity running through her.

No. I'm begging. Please. Put your cock in me, please. I want you more than I've ever wanted anything. I need you to fuck me.”

First you must admit what you are.”

I'm a dirty whore.” She said it in a breathy whisper.

Not Good Enough!” He attacked her again and she realized that up till now he had shown amazing control. He grabbed the swing and buried his face in her snatch, licking, nipping, putting his whole face into her. Pain and pleasure met in a crescendo. He squeezed her ass, digging his short fingernails in to her ample flesh.

I'm a dirty slut. I love to think about fucking, talk about fucking, write about fucking. I love cocks and balls and whips and dildos. I love FUCKING!” She screamed out the words as she came harder than ever before.

Her masked captor stepped back. Reaching behind him he carefully unzipped the leather mask. With the other hand he pulled it off, slowly. Jez was shocked to see her name emblazoned on his chest.

Breakfast Alone
No one was around for breakfast, which was a real shame. Melissa had been looking forward to the scrambled eggs she had been promised the night before. It was probably for the best, though. She wasn't certain she could explain herself if anyone did show up. She had time to kill, so she went into the kitchen, dug up some cereal and ate. 
I must be quite a sight, sitting here eating cereal in this get up. She thought to herself. It was the right thought to have. It was the appropriate mortified-by-my-own-body response. Melissa couldn't figure whether her mother would be more humiliated by her wearing the scanty school-girl outfit, or ungraciously turning down a gift. 
I'm a good girl. I'll do as I'm instructed. The card told her to be at the carriage house at ten. While all the men-- including the mysterious gentleman who had shown up in the middle of the night-- were attractive, Melissa couldn't help but fantasize about finding the Professor there. Alone. 
With her luck that bitch Jez would be there, in the same outfit. She would go on and on— loudly-- about how you need tits to fill out an outfit like this. Melissa bent over and pulled her tits up in her bra. It wasn't much, but it was what she had to work with. Sparing a glance at the clock, she realized that it was getting late. She rinsed her bowl and went to find the carriage house.

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