Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Prompts

 Kids! This isn't for you!

**Short and sweet...giving you the scene**

The Slave Quarters

Melissa cautiously opened the slave quarters door and peeked inside. “Hello? Is anyone here?” 
The folder had said she would have the whole building to herself, but she couldn't be too sure. Inside was an elaborate set up that made her mind reel. At the center of the room hung what appeared to be two large stirrups with cuffs hanging from the bottom and from the top. 

There will be a video that demonstrates the use of the more exotic implements available.
Your Prompt:
An overly dominant, yet repressed, woman needs to learn to release control and open herself up to her husband. Let your environment inspire you.

Melissa slid the DVD into the player and her education began. She cast guilty eyes about the place, nervous she would get caught watching porn. It was just her and her reflection in the large mirror that dominated the right wall. The woman in the video was trussed up a leather swing that matched the one here. When she started to moan, Melissa squirmed. After one more glance around to make sure she was alone, she slid her hand down past the waistband of her shorts and began getting inspired.

The Solarium

This room had potential. A bit girly for her taste, but it could work. Jez strode around the room checking out the canopy bed. Hanging from the posts, cleverly hidden by the folds of the cloth canopy were straps- hand holds in case you wanted to stand up. Frilly, but functional. Nice.

Inside the envelope was her prompt. It was a classic set up and she looked forward to writing the scene.

Two women with varied and voracious carnal appetites have both given up on experiencing the full spectrum of sexual pleasure to spare each other the pain of insecurity. Tonight, though, they will be visited by a man who will bring them to a mutually satisfying conclusion.

She tossed the prompt on the bed and continued around the room. Checking out her reflection in the glass walls, she started imagining the things her characters would do here.

The Carriage House

The Carriage House had been converted to an office with a large antique desk at its center. Rena sat on the desk and considered the room. Crystal couldn't resist the sealed envelope with the prompt in it, so Rena already knew what she needed to write, but it was hard to concentrate. She could still smell Crystal all over her.

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