Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Satisfying Conclusion

 KIDS! Go Play!

**This is it. The last installment. Hope you have enjoyed it!**

Melissa, the Woman
I don't want to be a little girl anymore.” Melissa whispered into her lover's mouth.
Then you should get out of that outfit. Like I said, it was a joke. I have your real present here. He presented her with a gift bag. 
She peeked inside, obviously pleased with what she saw. She smiled and went to find a place to change.

She had never worn garters before and she worried that maybe she wasn't wearing them correctly. No, she wouldn't allow herself to be dragged down into the insecurity of girl-hood. She was a woman. A women had confidence. Besides, if he was critiquing how she wore her garters, she was doing something really wrong. 
A few minutes later, she reemerged from the bathroom. She was now decked out in a blue bustier that made the most of her small breasts by excentuating her tiny waist and picked up the color of her eyes. The garters brought attention to her taut thighs, she figured that was their job and left them to it. She smiled as the look of appreciation on Steve's face warmed her. 
Oh, come here. You look delicious.” Steve stood at the desk, still clothed in his professor gear.

No. I'm just about done doing as I'm told. I'm here, nearly naked. I've never gotten to see you without your tweed and your tie. I'd very much like to.” She couldn't believe the words were coming out of her mouth. He loosened his tie.

She walked over to the other end of the desk, sat down so that she wasn't facing him and twisted to look at him over her shoulder . He proceeded to strip. Slowly, his eyes never leaving hers, he took off his jacket then his tie. When his shirt came off, she inhaled deeply and looked away for a moment to hide her blush. She wouldn't have guessed that he was so built underneath his clothes. The word was ripped. Her mouth watered. 
The shoes came off next, his oxblood wingtips were carelessly kicked to the other side of the room. He pulled the end of his belt out, teasing her for a moment before pulling it off. Off came his pants and his underwear in one pull. She finally got to see that the deep lines of muscle that ran from his hips led to...

Oh, sweet Jesus
The fumbling advances of boys hadn't prepared her for the weapon he was wielding. Her confidence was shaken by the size and the girth of the thing. She could see in his eyes that he read her apprehension. She took it as a challenge. Turning away from him, Melissa leaned back onto the desk and arched her body in a manner she could only imagine was becoming.
From behind, his warm hand slid around her neck cradling her possessively. He paused there, but then continued down pushing his hand under the lace cups of her bustier. He grasped her nipple between his fingers and gently tweaked. Melissa sucked in a deep breath. His fingertips were callused. She didn't expect them to be rough, but she found she quite liked it.

He walked around the desk to stand in front of her. He pressed his palms onto the wood on either side of her bare legs. Leaning in, he planted a kiss between her breasts. He drew a line from his kiss down to her sodden thong and hooked his finger there. With one good jerk he snapped the fabric. Shocked by the violence of the act, Melissa cried out.

Steve snuggled his face into her strawberry blonde hair and chuckled. “I pulled some of the stitches out. I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off on my own.”
She grabbed him up, with the same violence that he ripped her thong, but without the forethought. He tumbled onto her. 
There they were. No more impediments between them, no position, no parents, not even the thin fabric of her thong. She would wait no longer. She reached down and grabbed his member. It was his turn to cry out. 
He pushed a little, entering her with such sweet agony that her eyes rolled back in her head. When she recovered her senses, she began to move in concert with him, matching him thrust for thrust. He showered her with little kisses and sighs as he met her body with his own. She let her fingers play, through his hair, down his chest, around his hips. Grabbing her ass and pulling her closer, he upped the tempo. In response, she wrapped her arms around his neck and matched his intensity. She screamed as the intensity and need came to a crescendo inside her.

I can't hold out much longer.”

Melissa didn't bother with a discussion about it. She pushed him away, then pulled him in as she spun, switching places with him. She dropped to her knees before the man she had been daydreaming about for years and took him into her mouth. 
She could taste him, his immanent climax salty on her tongue. She could taste herself, the flavor of lust all grown up. She licked and sucked, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could manage. When he came it was a welcome surprise.

All's Well that Ends Well
Packed bags were neatly arranged in the foyer, but all the guests were still in the dining room. No one was eager to leave Summerland Estate. 
I'm not sure I got a lot of writing done this weekend.” Rena smiled, hoping her face didn't betray the fact that she really didn't care about the lack of literary stimulation. There was plenty of other stimuli around. 
Well, I think Jez learned a lot.” A blonde man no one had bothered to introduce chimed in. He had shown up out of nowhere. No one bothered to question that either. The pale chica certainly looked a lot more mellow. 
Rena looked over at Melissa. The kid's eyes sparkled. Rena couldn't put her finger on it, but something about the girl was different. A little unintentional eavesdropping on a phone conversation between Melissa and what Rena assumed was her mother has left the older woman impressed. It had been a surprisingly genteel, but not one sided conversation. Maybe Rena's first impression of the Melissa as freckles and pigtails wasn't quite accurate.

I, for one, got exactly what I was looking for.” She gave the Retreat Master-- What was his name, anyway?-- a sly smile that looked anything but childlike. 
Crystal came from behind and wrapped her arms around Rena's shoulders. “The cars are here. It's time to go.”

Rena looked up at her beloved and saw the same sparkle in her eyes that the kid...No, can't really call her the kid anymore can I? It's like she picked up a little of the attitude that Miss Jez decided to get rid of.

Crystal bumped Rena's chair with her hip, jolting her out of her reverie. Rena didn't want to go. Didn't want to lose this magic. There was only one regret. For a moment her mind lingered on how it felt to be filled up so completely. His cock had been so much bigger than his fingers...

As if she could read her mind, Crystal bent down and whispered in her ear. “Oh, come on, baby, we have the rest of our lives to play. We'll always have Summerland Estate.”

Jez wasn't stalling, she just had to check and make sure she had everything. She flipped through her notebook one more time, thrilled by the pages and pages of writing she found there.

Wait a minute.
The solarium scene was still in her notebook. She had never turned it in or let anyone read it. What the hell? As everyone else had gone outside, she seized the opportunity and cornered the Retreat Master. 
Did you take my notebook? No, I know you must have. My real questions are how and why? Did you sneak into my room?”

No. I can't explained what happened here this weekend, but as far as I can tell it happened for everyone. I never got any of the writing that was done, and I didn't take it.”

So how?”

He didn't answer. He just held his hands up to the ceiling and looked around the foyer.
Jez couldn't be sure, but she thought she heard throaty laughter in the distance.

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