Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Jez stared, slack jawed and wide-eyed at the man she had married six years ago. He couldn't be the one that had brought her so much pain. And so much pleasure. Her first instinct was to start yelling, in fact she couldn't stop her lip from twitching up into a snarl. 
No ma'am. I won't allow it.” Brandon switched her breast lightly with the flog. “You hid yourself from me, dear Jezbelinda.” He turned to a large cabinet, opened it and looked in thoughtfully. She could see a plethora of sex toys and implements inside. “You are mine and you kept what was mine hidden away. You will give it to me now. You will.” He turned back to her, this time brandishing an enormous plug in vibrator with a head like a microphone.

Melissa the Girl
Melissa minced into the room, too aware of the shortness of her skirt to pull off the confidence she desperately wanted to exude. The carriage house had been converted into an office, but the d├ęcor maintained the antique feel that the rest of Summerland had. 

The desk that sat in the middle of the room was wide and long. She stroked the dark wood top and found it satiny smooth, proof of it's quality and the care it had received over the years. Nothing cluttered its surface, not a blotter, or a pen holder. It struck Melissa as odd. She bent over to open the drawer on the front.

Melissa. I see you got my little gag gift.”

Melissa froze. Gag gift? This was a joke? She couldn't bring herself to turn around and face Professor Macmillan. Tears pricked her eyes. She straightened herself up quickly. Her one-- apparently foolish – attempt at daring had been to go sans panties under the tiny skirt that he had provided with her gag gift. She was certain that he got quite a peep show to go with his comedy.

Melissa, why is the outfit funny?” 
He was doing what he does. Asking a question that would lead to another question, leading to an answer. Socratic method. It was how he taught, and apparently how he humiliated.

Because I look ridiculous.”

And why do you look ridiculous?” 
Because I'm dressed up like a wanton slut?”

Wrong.” Suddenly, he was right behind her. His lips hung in the air, a whisper away from her ear. Warmth radiated from his body. “It is ridiculous because you are playing at being a little girl. I can't love a little girl, Melissa. I need a full grown woman.”

Realization dawned on Melissa. She'd spent her life busy with “should dos” and “momma wants”. Somehow between fifteen and twenty, nothing had changed for her. She was capable, she could handle herself, yet somehow she managed to get stuck doing the comfortable thing. 
Except her writing. It was the one place she was free. She wrote about things she couldn't imaging doing. After all, what would her momma think?

She managed a tight pirouette, pressing herself into Professor...Steve's arms. “I could be a full grown woman, Steve. I just need a nudge.” She thrust her pelvis into his, grinding her mound on his cock. 
Are you certain? This isn't one of those things you can take back.” He looked at her, genuine concern in his blue eyes. 
Are you expecting me to call my Mother and ask permission? Make love to me Steve. Do it properly. I've been at the mercy of incompetent boys up till now. I need a dab hand.”

I will oblige.” He pulled her in for a soft, slow, and in Melissa's opinion-- expertly crafted kiss.

Brandon pressed the spongy tip of the plug-in vibe against her clit and turned the power all the way up. Her entire body felt the waves of pleasure as her deepest muscles clenched and released in quick succession. With each release, she felt her need growing. She wanted something inside her.

He didn't turn off the vibe, but he did turn it down a notch.

What ever you do, don't go putting those beads in my ass.”

Seeing the wild streak in her eyes, he smiled. He got up and retrieved the beads.The quietly buzzing vibrator stayed pressed on her clit. He slowly fed the beads in one at a time. Each time he got a new bead halfway in, her hungry cavity would suck it up and she would shiver and moan. When he got all the beads in, he knelt in front of her. He abandoned the vibe and began prodding her pussy with his tongue.

The heavy vibration had left her clit tingling and a little numb. By the time she could really feel his mouth on her, he was already in full swing. He chose just that moment to tug gently at the string of beads in her ass, awakening her senses in a whole new way. 
With each bead came a wash of pleasure. The need for true penetration flared up inside her like a hunger. Her first instinct was to demand that he fuck her. She bit that back. “Please, please.”

I think you are ready to be let down. Do you promise not to run away? I'm not finished with you. I would be very disappointed in you ran off and left me here with this.” He waved his hard cock at her. 
He lowered her gently onto the floor, but did not remove the cuffs from her wrists and ankles. Her feet and hands were a bit tingly. She didn't care. She wanted him. 
He removed his pants, then went back to the cabinet. This time he pulled out a large, purple, jelly dong. Excitement fluttered in Jez's chest and all the way down into her loins. 
She wanted to scream at him. Command him to fuck her. She didn't. For as much as she liked yelling and demanding and leading, she found herself really enjoying being yelled at. Demanded of. Led. “What would you like me to do?”

Hands and knees. And don't you dare move.”

He walked around her. She complied. There would be bruises, on her hands, her knees, her wrists, her ankles. She didn't care. She knelt in front of him, taking him in. His long muscular legs, his narrow hips, his wide shoulders. He was an Adonis. How could I take him for granted?

Do you submit to me? 
I do.” 
Are you ready to truly, completely submit to me?”

Will you fuck me?

If I choose. Even if I choose not to-- Will you truly submit?”

Yes.” She bowed her head, strangely happy to not have any responsibility other than pleasing Brandon. He unshackled her hands and her feet. 
Lay down on your back. Hands over your head. Wrists together.” She complied with each directive as he barked it out. “Knees up. Feet flat on the floor.” 
A stack of pillows sat in the corner of the room. Brandon grabbed a few and shoved them under her ass, propping her up. He brandished the dong at her, with mock menace. At least, she hoped it was mock menace.

Lining up the dildo with her sopping wet pussy, he pressed it so the head just opened her inner lips. Her hips bucked in response. 
Don't.” She listened to the command and stilled herself. “Is this what you want? To be filled up? For me to cram this fake dick up your cooze until you scream?”

She'd never heard him use such rough language. How was it possible for her to be offended and turned on at the same time? How could he hurt her so bad and make her feel so...

The thought was cut off by Brandon plowing the purple jelly into her with a vehemence she had never experienced before. She teetered on the edge, pain and pleasure mixing. She was so close. Close, but not getting there.

Not working? Latex just ain't doing it for you, is it?” 
She didn't answer, couldn't. She only managed to whimper, the need to have something-- him-- inside her and get off was so great. She couldn't do anything.

I can take care of that for you. If you ask nicely.”

It took a moment to collect herself, but she made the effort. “Yes. Please. Please. Please.”

Please, what?” 
Please, make love to me.”

Hmm. I changed my mind. I don't want you to ask nicely. I want you to grovel. To beg for it. Tell me what you want me to do, and don't be shy about. You are never shy in your stories. Don't be shy now.”

I want you to put your cock in me.”


I want you to ram your stiff prick in my slit and make me come.”


Please, Master. Fill me up with your magnificent cock. Give me every inch of your manhood. I'll take everything you got, even though it will hurt. Fuck me till you spill your seed deep in my slit. I beg you. Please. Please. Fuck me.” She started off strong, but she ended in a mewling whimper.

That is red hot, baby.”

He plowed into her with his cock, stretching her to her limits and beyond. He pumped, banging into the bottom of her depths with each stroke. Waves of euphoria washed over her. Jez reached her final peak just as Brandon's dick spasmed and swelled, then filled her with his own release.

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