Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rena's Choice

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 Featuring F/F/M**
Rena's Choice
Crystal's bare yoni was sitting on her thigh, so Rena knew exactly how turned on her lover was at the moment.
Kiss me?” Crystal asked, and while their mouths were mingling, Marcus moved to kneel behind Rena's chair. She felt him there and her body stiffened. Crystal noticed. She cradled Rena's face in her hands. “We won't do a thing that you don't want to. There's just so much I want to share with you.” She laid another soft kiss on Rena's lips, then her jaw, and her neck. She whispered into her Latina lover's ear, “and he has plenty to share!”
Rena giggled a little nervously and looked over her shoulder at Marcus. The effect that the two women had on him was obvious. Indeed, he proved that the stereotype was well earned. She cast her eyes back at her lover, with her muscular arms and her strong thighs.
Please, say it's okay Rena. I want to, but I'll stop if you aren't alright with it.” Crystal's hair covered her face, so Rena couldn't see her expression, but she could hear the shame. If Rena didn't do this now, would Crystal ever be rid of that shame? Could they continue to love and be loved if she always felt judged? Would it be so bad to try?
Rena had to admit that the smooth, toffee-colored man that knelt behind her was intriguing. The fact that he had stayed silent all this time-- not cajoling or trying to hustle her-- spoke volumes. Plus, there was the curiosity factor. How could she write about a type of sex that she had never actually had? Well, once. But losing your virginity in the back seat of a Nova sixteen years ago hardly counted.
Instead of answering, Rena pushed Crystal's hair out of her face and kissed her. It was a deep, thrusting, tongue-twisting kiss. A kiss that produced a new gush of warmth from Crystal onto Rena's thigh.
I don't...”
Reading Rena's thought, Crystal silenced her with a kiss. “Just let us. We'll do all the work.”
As if on cue, both Crystal and Marcus stood up. He swept Rena out of the chair and carried her to the bed. He sat her down, scrambled onto the high mattress, then sat with his back to the headboard, his legs splayed out in front of him.
Crystal wrapped her arms around Rena, trailing her fingers up and down her back. Finally, she grabbed Rena's bra and popped the hooks like a pro. When Rena's generous bosom was exposed, Crystal latched on, licking and suckling till Rena felt like her nipples were going to fall off, they were so hard. Rena warily noted Marcus, out of the corner of her eye. He was enjoying himself, but seemed perfectly content to sit and watch for now, idly rubbing his extremely turgid cock. Rena marveled at his self control.
Crystal gestured with her head for Rena to back up and make space for her on the bed. Marcus spread his legs and patted the bed between them. She complied, leaning her back carefully against him. Crystal crawled in after her. There they were-- three shades of people. From Marcus' toffee skin, to Rena's deep olive tint, to Crystal's tan, yet still white, complexion-- they covered the spectrum. Crystal laid between Rena's knees, looking up at her expectantly.
May Marcus touch you?”
Would you like for Marcus to touch you?”
Rena felt Marcus' pinga jump at her answer. It surprised her, but not as much as the feeling in engendered in her pussy. Suddenly, she wanted very much for Marcus to touch her.
Marcus reached around and cupped both of Rena's tits in his hands. They were big hands, but her tetas still overflowed them. Cautiously, at first, and then with more confidence, he began to nibble on her neck and ear. His hands were softer than she expected. He used them to knead her breasts and tweak her nipples.
Not one to be left out, Crystal began a trail of licks and nibbles of her own. Starting inside Rena's left knee, she traced a slow line with her mouth up the Latina's thigh.
As Crystal made progress toward her center, Rena went from a quiver, to gasping trembles, to full body vibration complete with moaning. She was aware of the effect that her writhing had on Marcus' hard shaft as Crystal got closer and closer to her cocha. It was like the world's best lap dance, and his breath quickened with every shimmy.
Finally, she made it. Her tongue parted Rena's inner lips and playfully laved her clit, earning a quick in breath and a rain of pussy juice. Crystal shoved her tongue inside, licking up every bit of nectar and spreading it around with slow, soft, flat-tongued stokes. Rena's body went stiff as she came, her back arching, her hips coming off the bed. Crystal took this opportunity to attack her clit with quick flicks of her tongue, driving Rena to a new level of release.
Crystal heaved herself up to kiss Rena, the taste of sweet pussy juice still fresh on her lips. She placed her knee in the vertex of Rena's thighs and gently pressed in as she reached over Rena's head to kiss Marcus. This arrangement had the added bonus of thrusting Crystal's breasts into Rena's face.
Crystal quickly grew tired of this arrangement. She clambered over Rena's outstretched leg and pulled her further down the bed and onto her side. Both of Rena's lovers stretched themselves out along her sides, Marcus near her head, Crystal beside her legs. Marcus reached over and put two fingers on top of her bushy mound. He looked at her for permission. She nodded, gasping as his long fingers made their way past her labia and deep into her secret space. He held steady for a moment, and without conscious thought Rena bucked her hips forcing his fingers deeper.
Thought was only going to get in Rena's way, so she let go. When Crystal stuck her fingers in her mouth to lube them up, then gently began probing her asshole, Rena gave way to her animal nature and allowed pleasure and pain to mingle, creating a roaring void inside her mind. Needing to do something— anything-- to express what was happening inside her, Rena reached out and grabbed Marcus' cock.
At first she moved out of need. She wrapped her full lips around his shaft and began to lick and suck. When her sense started to come back to her, it dawned that she had never sucked cock before. She was surprised by it's sponginess, how smooth and soft the skin was, how it jumped and twitched in response to her tongue. It was long and thick, easily as big as the dildos that Crystal often used. Now that she had control she tried to be gentle, worried that she would hurt him. But as they filled all of her up, she lost control and began fucking him with her mouth, pausing only to nip at the head or graze his balls with her tongue.
Marcus splayed his hand across her chest, preventing her from making him come. It dawned on Rena that she was being a bit selfish. Poor Crystal hasn't gotten her due. She deserved to come the way Rena had, over and over again. Rena took charge.
After a confused moment of rearranging bodies, Crystal ended up on her hands and knees with Rena's mouth poised below the fairer woman's sex and Marcus behind. Rena started by licking at Crystal's clit, Marcus started off easy-- preferring to prime Crystal with his fingers first. She moaned quietly with pleasure, but Rena was determined. She would make her little Amazon scream.
Put your cock in her.” Rena panted as she assaulted Crystals pussy with her tongue. She lapped and probed and suckled, as Marcus filled her inch by inch. Rena had fucked Crystal many times with a strap on. She knew exactly what her lover liked. “Push down. She likes it when you rub the front.”
She heard Crystal's breath get ragged. “Harder. She likes to be fucked.” A high pitched keening developed in the back of Crystal's throat, but it wasn't enough. “Now deep. Full strokes. And don't you dare come until my baby screams for mercy!”
He was going hard, ramming his stiff member into her as hard as he could, dropping his weight into each stroke for good measure. She was close. But not yet there. Rena snaked her way out from underneath, knowing what she had to do. She spread Crystal's cheeks and lubed up her pucker with a mixture of spit and the juice from her own swollen, wet pussy. She locked eyes with Marcus.
Take her over the edge. She needs this.” He planted the head of his cock in her rear entrance and pressed. After a moment's resistance it relented, opening to him without losing its sweet pressure. Crystal went from a low moan to a heavenly alto. Marcus joined her, a short baritone exclamation that marked his own release. Rena let her all of her senses feast on the tableau before her. She busied her fingers until they had three part harmony.

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