Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Rooms

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*** The hardest part of writing erotica (other than the pesky capturing the most intimate, vulnerable act in humanity) is finding words for those pesky moments..and parts... and actions that aren't awful. If you find some of my words objectionable, please elucidate. Nowhere in this piece does the word "moist"*shudder* appear. So, the heat, up a few notches, with a F/F scene. ***

Jez's Room
Nothing could have sent Jez's ire to boiling quite like the “distinguished looking gentleman” referring to himself as the “Retreat Master”. It was lucky for him that he had so quickly changed his tune. Facilitator? Shit, he could facilitate making sure the food gets served on time.

At least the room was nice. A big, four poster bed dominated the center of the room. The matching dresser and armoire bracketed a wide window that looked over a rambling garden. Jez put her clothes away then turned her attention to the black folder.
This retreat is about opening doors and breaking down walls.
It is about getting to what is real because sex is an important part of our growth as humans. It is an integral ..blah blah blah.

Jez wasn't interested in any namby-pamby philosophical or sociological justification for the type of writing she did. She liked reading and writing fuck books. She didn't care about what ever high minded bullshit the “Retreat Master” was selling. She liked stories that made her pussy wet. Idly, she wondered what Brandon would think about the things she wrote. It didn't matter. She never let him see that side of her, and since she didn't let it happen-- it didn't happen.

Rena & Crystal's Room
It says here that you have an area of the estate that it meant to inspire you and a writing prompt. Here's the map to the building and I guess the prompt is in here.” Crystal sat on the bed flipping through the black folder, her curiosity overriding the need to put away their clothing or even check out their room. “You've got the carriage house. It's behind the kitchen. It says you have to go alone.” She poked her lip out in a comical pout. Rena walked over and kissed the pout away.

I can't leave you here, bored, all day. What can I do to save you from this torment?” The hazel eyed Latina teased her lover, running her hand lightly down the fair woman's jaw line and down her chest.

I can think of a few things. Lunch is being served right now in the dining room, but I've got something for you here.” Crystal began to unbutton her dress, pushing the papers from the folder off the bed.

Oh? You think I can tire you out so you don't feel so lonely?Of course mi amante wouldn't be lonely if Marcus came to visit her. The idea of it made Rena feel a little guilty and a lot excited. She launched herself onto the bed.

Crystal opened her dress enough to expose her pink frilly bra. The mere fact that she was wearing a pink frilly bra told Rena that her lover intended to get laid that day. The dress was a gingham number-- a dress that Rena happened to hate. Seeing an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, she grabbed the front of the dress and pulled the two sides apart, popping the rest of the buttons and exposing Crystal's lingerie. A whiff of her musk burst out of her torn shirt.

Rena bit into the fabric of the pink bra and trailed her fingers lightly across Crystal's inner thigh. That was Rena. Rough with one hand, soft with the other. She pulled the left bra strap down with her teeth and set upon Crystal's small, pert breast. Crystal's nipple got pebble hard and her pale pink areola puckered up in response to Rena's tongue. The fingers that trailed up Crystal's leg now made their way up to the cusp of the white woman's thighs.

Rena's fingers hooked into Crystal's panties finding warmth and wetness there that sent electricity up her arm. She could feel her own pussy start to gush in response. Two fingers slid easily into Crystal's snatch while her thumb massaged her clit. Crystal's hips lifted and breath quickened in response.

Rena licked and kissed and worshiped the curve of Crystal's breasts as it met her rock hard six pack. She traced her tongue down the defined ridge to the soft curls that pointed down to the center of Crystal's pleasure. Her mouth took over for her thumb and her hand picked up speed. Rena could feel the moment building, could see it in the overwhelmed look on her lover's face. 
She was there. Something inside let go.Rena sighed, her lover's pleasure fulfilling her. Juices poured out onto Rena's wrist and Crystal let out one quick, forced moan. As usual, she had been almost completely silent during their tryst. Rena found her cunt tingling, imagining the thing that would make her sweet Crystal cry out.

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