Monday, February 27, 2012

I didn't even want a damn dog

I was looking for something to do. Something productive. Something not home alone. I was studying to be a personal trainer, writing a* novel, and spending all my time holed up with...myself. It wasn't pretty.

So, I decided to go walk dogs at the animal shelter.

When I got there it was...overwhelming. The sound of terrified dogs baying against their fear and loneliness echoed off the walls. Shit and piss and vomit and kibble. It was too much for me. It was way too much for the shivering black spotted pup.

According to the sign on the front of the kennel, she was a "lab mix". I learned in the months to come that it was shelter policy to automatically euthanize "Pit Bulls". Many Am Staffs** that were deemed adoptable were mislabeled to save their lives.

She was 3 months, black and white with a small scar on her right flank that I never got an explanation for but utterly broke my heart. She was bashful and sweet and desperate for quiet and love.

I resisted her. She was already supposed to have a home. I was just helping to get her read for that forever family. The background check for the family fell through. I filled out the form.

She was perfect. The kind of dog that was happy to get ice cubes and would sit with said cube balanced on the top of her nose...patiently waiting for permission to take it. We were inseparable. She was...perfect.

Two years was all I got. Addison's Disease wasted her quickly and when her suffering got to be too much I made the decision to put her down.

She was the best, most heart breaking choice I'd ever made.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Filth or Blood

The challenge for this Teaser Tuesday Is : Filth or Blood (In honor of Valentines Day) So! Here is a teaser for you from the current Smut WIP. I literally *just* wrote this, so i hope it isn't awful :P

 Bianca studied the huge purple dildo with its faux veins and its balls discreetly hiding the large suction cup. The only thing Bianca had used the thing for, thus far, was slapping it up against the shower walls and giggling as it hung and bobbed.
When Rachel had forced her to buy it, Bianca had been mortified. Doubly so when she suggested Bianca learn to use it by watching porno. No. She couldn't even. The very idea of something that size … It was beyond ridiculous.
Nope. What she needed tonight was her best friend, a pint of ice cream and a sappy rom com on DVD.
She stuffed the dildo back into the bottom of her drawer and threw a robe on. What would they watch? Best to ask Rachel, she tended to be pickier about movies.
Bianca slipped through the living room and straight through to the guest suite.
“Rach?” No answer. From the back of the suite, the sound of rushing water from the much coveted shower room roared and steam billowed out the open door.
“Rach?” Bianca was quieter this time, visions of startling her friend and her slipping and cracking her head open loomed.
The blonde peered through the open doorway into the bathroom. At first, she only saw swirling steam. But then, a figure. Rachel's naturally curvy body, her hands running over her breasts and down her own belly. Water poured over her head, pulling her curly hair straight and nearly to her waist. But that wasn't all...
She was squatting over the stone seat, pulsing the way they had both done in exercise classes a million times over the years but... why? And then it registered. A flash of bright purple and a moan made it all clear.
Bianca blushed and turned away, embarrassed. But...
Curiosity drew her eyes back to her oldest friend. She watched as her hands roamed from nipple to clit, from clit to thigh. She found her own hand wandering, hesitatingly seeking what pleasures might be found beneath her flimsy robe. She watched as Rachel rode the toy, how she started slow and shallow and worked it in deeper. She watched as the crescendo came upon her and envied that experience.
Rachel stood and turned of the shower; Bianca ran off to the kitchen.  

But today I posted TWICE! So don't forget to check out my Review of Don't Bite The Messenger by Regan Summers

Review: Don't Bite The Messenger by Regan Summers

BOB Blurb- Anchorage, Alaska
The vampire population may have created an economic boom in Alaska, but their altered energy field fries most technology. They rely on hard-living—and short-lived—couriers to get business done...couriers like Sydney Kildare.
Sydney has survived to the ripe old age of twenty-six by being careful. She's careful when navigating her tempestuous clients, outrunning hijackers and avoiding anyone who might distract her from her plan of retiring young to a tropical, vampire-free island.
Her attitude—and immunity to vampires' allure—have made her the target of a faction of vampires trying to reclaim their territory. Her only ally is Malcolm Kelly, a secretive charmer with the uncanny habit of showing up whenever she's in trouble. Caught in the middle of a vampire turf war, Sydney has to count on Malcolm to help her survive, or the only place she'll retire is her grave...

One Word Review: MOAR! 

Summers does a great job of introducing a character and the plot is tight and well crafted. BUT MOAR MOAR MOAR! I found myself wanting more of everything: worldbuilding, characterization, everything. It was like you could see that it was all there, at the corner of your eye, but when you turned your head it was gone. 

One place the story doesn't lack is action. As a connoisseur of well written violence, I was pleased to see that Don't Bite The Messenger delivers on that front without fail. The action sequences are realistic (to a point. I mean..... vampires!) and sufficiently brutal. 

The sex is good (MOAR) and while I didn't really feel like I knew much about the Male MC I was happy to see Syd (the female MC) get down with him.

I think this could be the start of a series, and I'd be very happy to see that. I hope very much that she expands on this world where vampires roam freely in society. 

All in all a worthwhile read, and hopefully, just our first taste of Ms. Summers' world.

(Book provided by NetGalley. And Regan is a friend, but I try to be as objective as possible.) 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

All I want...

So, on Twitter I posed the question... What do you want?

Now these "serious" questions aren't as popular as my down and dirty polls, but I'm interested in the way people think. Call it a flaw.

So here are the answers I got, with a few of my own thrown in for good measure.

A huge, deep, sloppy, heart-to-heart, skin-to-skin, gut-to-gut, soul-to-soul romance.

All I Want is to win an Eisner…and make Spider-Man a robot. Actually, I want to win an Eisner for turning Spider-Man into a robot.

All I want is not to be in pain.

 A woman to love who loves me back.

All I Want is for people appreciate my efforts and contributions.

 Honestly? I want to lie on my death bed, thinking back over my life and have my final word be: "Hell yeah!"