Monday, February 28, 2011

Introducing Delaware Dangerous

You know how I feel about unrealistic violence in writing. So I decided to do something about it. I happen to know a lot of people skilled in martial arts and trained to use weapons of all kinds. And we are having a camp.

Here's the skinny:
Delaware Dangerous is a unique concept in Writer’s Retreats. We offer the opportunity to get hands on with all types of weapons and combat– Hand guns, Long guns, Knives and Hand to Hand.

    Our team of professional instructors will provide detailed instruction. We have five black-belts on the team, two of whom are former military. Participants will get twelve hours of firearms training, six hours of knife training, and six hours of hand to hand. This isn’t just theoretical or role-playing or demonstration. After receiving appropriate safety training, you will have a gun in your hand.

    The weapon work is always serious, but there is plenty of fun to be had. Brewery tours, kayaking, behind the scenes at a tattoo shop, tax free shopping at a huge outlet mall. The Delaware Beaches are beautiful and have something for everyone. Nature, nightlife, gourmet dining and down-home charm.

    Delaware Dangerous. Put a little violence in your vacation and a little realism in your writing.

    For more information go to or email me directly

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yeah? And? She's a SEXY bitch and I'll do what I want!

When my friend Gretchen McNeil announced that her cover art was dropping today I say "Oh, oh, me me me!"

Yes, Gretchen writes YA. But it is supernatural and as I mentioned in the title Gretchen herself is sex on a stick. I often live vicariously through her awesome exploits. (She's an opera singer for the circus fergawdsake! There isn't a tattoo girl girl alive that doesn't dream of that-- and her circus doesn't even have creepy carnies!)

So here it is! Drumroll Please!

Go visit her blog
or her twitter  to tell her how GORGEOUS she it is! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Interview with Roxanne Rhoads!

Let Me introduce Roxanne Rhoads! When not fulfilling one the many roles being a wife and mother of three require, Roxanne's world revolves around words...reading them, writing them, editing them, and talking about them.
Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl...these are all words that can describe freelance writer and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.

Welcome Roxanne!

What brought you to Paranormal Erotica?
I have always been a huge fan of anything paranormal. I grew up reading any ghost or witch story I could find then added vampire books to my reading list after discovering Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire. I was hooked. When I got older I realized how sexy the world of the supernatural could be. For me it was a natural progression to write about paranormal creatures with sex appeal like no other.

What authors inspire you?
So many. A handful of my favorites include Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Anne Rice, Nicole Peeler, Kimberly Frost, Annette Blair, Jeaniene Frost, Chloe Neill...the list can go on and on.

This new Novella An Unexpected Evening starts hot and heavy-- ( and I do mean Hot!!!) Is that what readers can expect from all Roxanne Rhoads' erotica?
From most of my shorter stuff, yes. The shorter stories go right to the naughty bits. But my longer works have more romance, plot and story line in them. Some of the books I'm working on right now are chapters in and I haven't even gotten to a sex scene yet. One of the novels in progress is more urban fantasy than anything else but don't worry I throw a few signature steamy sex scenes in for good measure. :-)

One of my favorite things is tweaking the genre a bit with my Dear Erotica, letters-- So what tropes or bad habits drive you nuts in the genre?
Bad habits in erotica- hmmm... I hate some of the wording people use for sex organs and in sex scenes. I know writing erotica can be hard when you're describing parts and don't want to use the same words over and over again but some words make me cringe. Dick. Juicy. Juices. Those are a few words I hate and try not to use. Globes is a terrible words for breasts, hate that one too.

What is the best thing about being a published author?
Seeing my name in print, knowing that people are reading what I write.

And the worst?
The constant struggle to keep new material coming. It's not the ideas I have problems with- it's finishing all the stories and getting them out there to the readers. I try to balance writing time with submission and promotion time yet sometimes I feel like I should just be writing.

Anything you want to add?
Being a writer is my calling. I love it and I wouldn't want to do anything else at this point in my life.


Monday, February 14, 2011

A love/ hate relationship with a book series.

Very rarely do I have a love/hate relationship with a book. Sure, I was a bit bitter about the end of the Dark Tower. But, Mr. King gave all of us fair warning. Cell, I will never forgive him for (terrible. just terrible). But I have come to a kind of peace with the room at the top of the Dark Tower.
I started reading the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny when I was 11.  I was instantly in love. The nine princes. Magical Tarot Cards. This world is merely a shadow of the true worlds-- Amber and the Courts of Chaos.

If you haven't read these books, here's the one sentence wrap up of the first book...

Awakening in an Earth hospital unable to remember who he is or where he came from, Corwin is amazed to learn that he is one of the sons of Oberon, King of Amber, and is the rightful successor to the crown in a parallel world.

Over the years I devoured each book, one after another. There are 10, so it was no easy task. I got an A in English in 8th grade because I walked in with Sign of the Unicorn and blew my teacher completely away.

I loved these books. Being young-- I don't think I realized how it ended.

Or, more precisely, didn't end. The dare he...went and died. Leaving our hero standing on the precipice of the next great turning.

There were other books written by John Betancourt, but they were about the older generation.

So there it is-- a review and a warning. These books are great. I mean REALLY great. But they are like a teenage romance-- you should go in knowing you are going to get your heart broken.

Monday, February 7, 2011

So for this Blogfest we are posting our first lines.... Which is handy, since I just rewrote good old Chapter 1 :)

Name: Lela Gwenn
Title: Alamandine's Song
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

I burst out of the door, all goosebumps and cold sweat, and held it closed behind me.

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