Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Filth or Blood

The challenge for this Teaser Tuesday Is : Filth or Blood (In honor of Valentines Day) So! Here is a teaser for you from the current Smut WIP. I literally *just* wrote this, so i hope it isn't awful :P

 Bianca studied the huge purple dildo with its faux veins and its balls discreetly hiding the large suction cup. The only thing Bianca had used the thing for, thus far, was slapping it up against the shower walls and giggling as it hung and bobbed.
When Rachel had forced her to buy it, Bianca had been mortified. Doubly so when she suggested Bianca learn to use it by watching porno. No. She couldn't even. The very idea of something that size … It was beyond ridiculous.
Nope. What she needed tonight was her best friend, a pint of ice cream and a sappy rom com on DVD.
She stuffed the dildo back into the bottom of her drawer and threw a robe on. What would they watch? Best to ask Rachel, she tended to be pickier about movies.
Bianca slipped through the living room and straight through to the guest suite.
“Rach?” No answer. From the back of the suite, the sound of rushing water from the much coveted shower room roared and steam billowed out the open door.
“Rach?” Bianca was quieter this time, visions of startling her friend and her slipping and cracking her head open loomed.
The blonde peered through the open doorway into the bathroom. At first, she only saw swirling steam. But then, a figure. Rachel's naturally curvy body, her hands running over her breasts and down her own belly. Water poured over her head, pulling her curly hair straight and nearly to her waist. But that wasn't all...
She was squatting over the stone seat, pulsing the way they had both done in exercise classes a million times over the years but... why? And then it registered. A flash of bright purple and a moan made it all clear.
Bianca blushed and turned away, embarrassed. But...
Curiosity drew her eyes back to her oldest friend. She watched as her hands roamed from nipple to clit, from clit to thigh. She found her own hand wandering, hesitatingly seeking what pleasures might be found beneath her flimsy robe. She watched as Rachel rode the toy, how she started slow and shallow and worked it in deeper. She watched as the crescendo came upon her and envied that experience.
Rachel stood and turned of the shower; Bianca ran off to the kitchen.  

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Alex Harrow said...

And this is why you don't leave those things lying about, because other people might use them before you get to! ;)

sue laybourn said...

Wonderfully filthy and I can't wait to read more.

Amy said...

Hooo-damn, woman. *fans self*

For some reason the fact that the dildos are purple is very amusing to me. :)

Lela Gwenn said...

Thanks y'all :D

Brandy said...

You know the saying “it’s the journey not the destination” ? I think on the journey to sexual discovery it’s kind of both. 

Tracey said...

Must admit I laughed at the purple dildo, but woah. :-)I'd say you found your genre.