Thursday, January 17, 2013

In which I fail... but come out swinging

**FIRST I WANNA THANK EVERYONE. EVERYONE. EVEN HATER DUDE. Thanks for giving me even a little of your time and attention. Life is busy. Thanks for taking the time to be silly with me **


Tie Me up & Nerd Me.

Great Idea.... with big ol' execution flaws.

So yeah. What did I do right?

I think doing the poll to determine which characters would show up was right.
Vlogging was fun and a great tool ( I think I shall continue)
I *hope* I balanced the "message" with enough fun and goofy that I didn't bot-ify myself
I've made connections with a lot of new, exciting people in the last 35 days!


What went wrong?

Well, there was the using the way too expensive printer to start with.
(which was a biggie)
I'm not sure I nailed giving people the rewards they wanted.
I needed to get the word out further.

So I'm brainstorming ideas for *next time*. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
What kinds of rewards would you like to see? Did I miss an important lesson?


Nova Regen said...

This was an amazing idea, and your awards were perfect. One area of improvement you might consider is exposure. I stumbled upon your campaign through serendipity. Once I started watching your vlogs and reading your blogs I was won over by your infectious enthusiasm. If there was more of a pre-campaign to build hype, I'm sure you would've reached a larger audience. Another factor you might consider was that this was done during the holidays, so money all around might have been tight. Regardless, of the outcome you've made a lot more fans. I'm sure you'll have tremendous success for future projects.

David Traver Adolphus said...

I don't know--nerderey, erotica, it pretty much checked all the boxes. Sheer lack of word of mouth. Lean on your friends, get them--us--to spread the word more.

L Gwenn said...

thanks guys.

Hopefully I can get more people on board next time!