Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And We're BACK! Smutty as ever!

AND WE'RE BACK. Smutty as ever. I have NOT given up, my pretties. And dear, sweet Richard Kadrey says he's down to shoot when ever I manage to get it done!*

photo by SLEPhoto 

So Here's Step 1!

We will have 3 rounds of Character Picking polls! First the Old School, then the Mainstream, Then the Wild Cards! Most of the characters you see on the polls come for me asking my Tweeps.

I will narrow it down to 6 most popular on each of the list and THEN!

Then anyone who gives to the campaign when it launches will get a survey sent to them and they will get the final say on which characters are used!

The rewards are better. I need less money. This is poised to be great. Let's make it happen!


*have I said how much I love Richard? Cuz I do. He's a sweetheart and wonderful.

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Hola Backgrinder said...

I hate to troll but your voters are just off. I mean, looking at the top 3 Star Trek Science Officer is, of course, a given, but Catwoman is so massively overdone I can't buy that for first. You just aren't derivative. Besides, have any of these kids even looked at a pic of Evil Lyn? I mean, you have the look down already, this role was made for you!