Thursday, March 7, 2013

CATWOMAN! nerdbondageprojeKt costume concepts!

Okay, so we have 2 weeks left to go in the #nerdbondageprojeKt campaign!

But one thing is clear. You people. You love Catwoman.

Seriously. She's like 20 points ahead of her nearest competitor and has been from the jump. So... knowing that I am tempting fate by going public... Here are some concepts for the Catwoman cosplay!

Honestly... Nothing is harder to photograph than a black catsuit. Seriously. All black. Tight. Covering everything. Shiny or Matte, it's a dangerous choice... so... lets go with something less traditional!

Art by Otto Schmidt

I love the idea of this shrunken jacket and an aviator style cat hood 

Then pair it with a high waisted latex short in black

And either a kick ass hardcore boot:

Or something less practical, but maybe a little sexier: 

What do *YOU* Think? 
Do you like the concept? 
Am I nuts?
Will Cat Woman make it to the final? 

Then tell your friends about #nerdbondageprojeKt! 



Frank Phillips said...

Yes! The concept art styling with the latex shorts ( to indulge your love of the stuff) with the platform Matrix style boots? Holy crap!

L Gwenn said...

:)*crossed fingers!*

Damo Blamo said...

Brilliant. Love the idea of a non-traditional approach. Much more fun!

Ace said...

I say go with the practical kick-ass boot.

And what about a dark blue instead of full black?

L Gwenn said...

:D If I could find blues to match, I'd do it. Black is just easier, cuz.... It's black :D