Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello my lovelies!

First, I want to thank everyone! Thank you! We are within striking distance of  having nerdbondageprojeKt 50% funded and that is totally because you all RAWK.

The voting is going STRONG. If you have contributed and haven't voted yet, DO SO! If you haven't gotten the survey-- it probably got stuck in a spam filter- hit me up & I'll resend. 

This is how I've decided to judge the character's poll #. I've assigned points to the different rank values. 1 point for characters ranked 18th and 18 points to characters ranked #1 (and all the numbers in between) 

Currently the Top contenders are-

1) Catwoman - 178pts
2) Harley Quinn- 158 pts
3) Doctor Who- 154 pts

( this is where it gets INNNNteresting) 

4) Leeloo Dallas- 133
5) Kaylee- 132
6) Death- 131

of course, all of this could go topsy turvy with a single vote... Yours maybe? 

Contribute! Tell your friends! If we get to 50% by Friday at 8PM, I'm getting dolled up & posting a happy dance video. BECAUSE FUN!

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