Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SEXY OBJECTS & the people inside them


I won't pretend that I don't attempt it from time to time.

I won't pretend that some people don't "like" me just because I am unafraid of the SEXY.

I won't pretend that some people don't judge me harshly because of said SEXY.

Which is weird because, I mean... I just this nerdy girl, right?

But I'm not. I'm not JUST anything.

I'm not JUST a nerd, or JUST sexy, or JUST a fitness nut and a dog lover and a person addicted to tea and books and travel.

And that is the difference between finding someone SEXY and OBJECTIFYING them. I mean when you look at a "sexy" picture you may not know that the subject of the picture has 2 cute fluffy dogs at home and he or she likes to run outdoors 10 months of the year.... but do you look at the person and see a PERSON? Not a sex toy. Not a Dildo with fresh batt'ries or a pocket pussy that Jeeves warmed up in the dishwasher* for you. 

Recently someone that has always been a BIG FAN of my WORK as a fetish model got mad at me and blasted me for calling someone else out for a series of sexist remarks. 


Well, I dare. I dare like a motherfucker.

Because I am not a dildo or a Fleshlight. I'm a person. And persons are complicated.

Also: If everyone else has gone the polite route, I will yell at you. Because for some people anger is the only language they know. Talk smack, get smacked. Other ladies were raised right. They try to explain. I was raised by wolves so I explained it in a way that it could be heard by other animals**.

But on to the criticism of Modern Feminism- That we are crippling men & boys by making them mealymouthed neutered  pansies afraid of their own shadow. 

MOSTLY I wanna smack people who say this. I wanna hit them in their giant melons and say OH YEAH? CUZ 1 outta 4 women in America won't have to fight with a Rapist and MAYBE win? Cuz we make as much money and we are equally represented in positions of power? 


But then I know a few guys and they are TRUE SWEETHEARTS and sometimes they aren't sure what to do or how to say it and they get really conflicted on where the "lines are". 

So.. INTERNET HELP ME. I'd like to have a chat. A big group chat in which we talk about 

Sex and Feminism and How to be a Stand Up Guy without being a Turgid Dick 

but I dunno how that works. Do they still have chatrooms? Is this a thing? Can I take one over for a day?

If you know how to make this work I will invite people and talk and get it ALLLLL OUT IN THE OPEN AND SOLVE THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS. ALL OF THEM.

or something. 

Tell me what you think in the comments or over on TWITTER!

OKAY SO! I've figured out the CHAT! But I need your EMAIL to INVITE YOU TO THE CHAT! 
you can DM it to me on Twitter or email it to me lgwenn @  Yahoo dot com
We'll be doing it Tuesday the 29th, at 9PM EST

* I don't honestly know if dudes put pocket pussies in the dishwasher, but it seems like a practical (and clean!) way to warm it up and I figure a warm pussy is better, right?

** add animal to the list of things I am


Arty said...

We are all human and should be treated as such. Equal pay, equal rights under the law? Of course. Treat each other as you want to be treated.

Brooklyn Ann said...

I'm gonna try to make it!

Nova Regen said...

I find it pretty tough sometimes to not objectify women. If I view someone as sexy, it can be fairly easy to get caught up in my own machinations. I do strive to respect the individual though. Appreciation is more fun when it is shared rather than it being one sided.
Good luck with the chat. I'm sure you'll find it very insightful.