Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NerdbongageProjeKt People!

It has been 2 weeks since I sent the pictures out into the world! At this point I have to assume that everyone *should* have gotten their photos.

But alas... the postal service, she is not the perfect perfection that she should be.

So friends, this is when you need to let me know if you have NOT RECEIVED your photos.

NOT BY COMMENTING ON INDIEGOGO ( you know I can't answer you there, right?) or here. 

but via email (LGwenn :at: Yahoo :dot: Com) 

I will be reordering posters and doing all that that swell stuff in the next few days ( so if you've already contacted me... I'll be taking care of it SOON! :-D ) 

I really want to make sure everyone gets what they ordered and in good condition, so PLEASE let me know!

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