Sunday, June 2, 2013

Women 101: Welcome to the Age of the Geek Girl


It's hard out there for a Geek Girl.

I mean there's a couple of OLD WHITE DUDES with the SWFA telling ladies to keep their dignity and shut up.

Then over at A-Kon we had the wonders of GropeCrew *trigger warning*

And then there's the endless incidents of women being told to "get a sense of humor" at best and "Someone needs to rape you and put you in your place" at worst.

But I'm tired of RAILING at Mr. Internet. Mr. Internet listens with friendly ears... but the ones that need to hear? Maybe never do.

So... being tired of yelling into the void... I decided to do something.

A year ago I joked about doing a Women 101 panel at a con. This year... I have contacted NYCC about actually DOING it.

Not because I'm famous. *I ain't*
Not because I have super special womyn powers *I don't*

But no one else seems to be doing it. And someone needs to.

What would we cover?

What women are ADDING to Geek culture.
How to talk to geek girls with out getting decked ( or: don't ask her bra size, dood)
Evolving the representations of women in fiction.
How to be ally.

And then... Maybe have a discussion? If we can keep it civilish?

There are OBSTACLES. I have to put together a panel and since I don't know who will be there... I don't know who I can ask to pop on over. If I have to ask people who aren't going to be there anyway then they have to pay to get there and NY is cray expensive.

SO.... First things first.... Let's see if we can get some traction.

1) Tweet, or  FB New York Comic Con and let them know that you want to see #Women101Panel (if you do-- tag or @ me! I'd love to see!)

2) If you know famous ladies who will be at NYCC- INTRODUCE ME! I've talked to more than a few but so far I only have "If I'm there, sure". I'd love to see 3-5 diverse women with broad accomplishments.

3) Let me know if this is the sort of thing you would  support on kickstarter. I HAVE 0 IDEAS what I would do for perks, but yeah.

I am FULLY aware that I am not famous and that this is usually the arena of famous people. But no one is doing it. And when I see things that aren't being done.... I step up.

I know.


So Talk to me Mr. Internet. Let me know your feels. I'm a girl and all about feels.


Damo Blamo said...

YES. Go on, Lela XD You have my support all the way. Anything and everything I can to support this (however much that may be).

L Gwenn said...

TWEET! FACEBOOK! LET NYCC Know you want to see the panel!

Emmie Mears said...

I would SO want to be on that panel. I'm the founder of Searching for SuperWomen, a geek site dedicated to...well...exactly what you propose in this panel. Your agency fellow, Kristin McFarland, is one of my good friends and a contributor to our site.

Guh, this is a brilliant idea and ought to be a staple at cons.

BAH. NYCC is the weekend of Capclave (incidentally, Kristin's flying out to go with me to that), otherwise I'd give you an unequivocal "count me in."

Perhaps next year. But I feel like we should team up and take over the world.