Sunday, March 27, 2011


Dear Reader,
I have sucked with amazing sucktasticness when it comes to my blog lately. I have excuses-- I have opened my own personal training studio, I am busy with the Delaware Dangerous project, and well yeah-- actually those things mostly.

I have missed being here, talking trashy and making a fool of myself. But it wasn't just my busy busy life that kept me from being here. I also bought a couple of really BAD books.

There has been much talk about the place for bad reviews-- especially for book bloggers that wish to become published authors. It has been my stated policy for-EVA not to publish 100% bad reviews. If I hate a book that much I simply won't waste more of my time writing about it. I haven't been writing all glowy rainbows and sunshine reviews either-- If a book has merit, but has some flaws (serious or not) I'll point them out.

What's awful is the one book has merit-- the first 20 pages are exquisite. I mean- GAH! When do I get to write like that? How do I get the EP to achieve level 20? I'm pretty sure I can write like that if I ...just ...level....20! But then it kinda (read totally, for me at any rate) fell apart. I went from GAH! to GAK! in the space of the first 100 pages. I finished it, hoping to get that original magic back, but ultimately it left me hanging.

I've moved on. I just finished Tome of the Undergates by Sam Sykes which is a more traditional fantasy (but I needed to break out of the rut I was in). I'm working on that review and it shall be up soon. I also have A Devil in the Details by K.A . Stewart, which I am certain I will love. So expect me to be back in the saddle again with a vengeance. I'm trying to line up some interviews as well.

Thanks for your patience.


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