Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yet another Twitter Rant

Twitter friends....
Can we talk?

Look, I know I told that the one rule of Twitter was ~

Frankly, my dears, I was wrong.

Because there is some shit I've noticed, that is seriously annoying and it is being done in the name of anti-assholery. 

First! There is the issue of the #WW, #FF (and they are now bleeding into all the other days of the week.) Thing is... if you have a tweep or five that you have a good reason to toss a shout out to? Go ahead! Scream it to the heavens! Let me know! I <3 Cool People. 

But seriously....if you are just going to list without recommendation or classification Every. Single. Person. You . Follow? 

I'm going to ignore you. Best case scenario your tweets will be zipped for the day. Worst? I unfollow. 

It might *seem* like you are being kind, but it would be like walking into a party and just yelling out the names of every person you knew. 

So, how do you do it right? 

Pick a category or three and pimp them...

Awesome authors that talk to my silly ass- @ChuckWendig @ Richard_Kadrey @NicolePeeler 

@AliceLoweecey @KestrelRising 

Smut writers you should be wacking it to-@ScarlettParrish  @shonrichards @Flying_monkey_ @tiffanyreisz @daisydanger

People who are too nice to know me, but still treat me like a human @VizProd @sirragirl @ Drmattramsey

Are there more people that fit into these categories? Yes. And I apologize if you fit the category and din't get listed in the examples above... but really? It isn't about "I'm leaving u out, cuz I hates your face!" Nope... more like YO! Check out these neato peeps! Yay! 

When I see shout outs done like this, I know if the people listed are the kind of people I would be interested in following. This is helpful. Targeted. 

See.... because sometimes I trust people and I follow someone and then they are....

Well, they weren't awful. They had their audience. *I* am not their audience. 

(this brings me to point 2) 

So I #FF this person and it becomes obvious in a short time that I should not have. My TL is photobombed with unoffensive teen heartthrobs. Very, very young gay men. I had my fag hag days. Those days are over. Lusting over "safe teen sex symbols" was never my gig ( River Phoenix was my first "Teen Beat" crush) 

Nuff Said

So, I unfollowed. No big deal. Not my cuppa. 

But then a message comes through-
This week I was unfollowed by @blah @blahblah @LGwenn & @Blahblahblah

WTF is this assholery? 

Sure, I can see how this might *seem* like a good idea. Call out the followback unfollowers! Triumph against the dicks! 

But seriously? FUCK OFF! 

( There was more.. but I cut it cuz the rant spun out into a bunch of ranty rantiness) 

Am I wrong? Am I an asshole? Tell me! 


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