Friday, July 27, 2012

So, Mr. Peacock.....

Okay... so the geek girl issue doesn't seem to wanna go away. Evidence? Here

And while John Scalzi did a brilliant job of taking the issue apart, there is a point that I need to answer.

Because Mr. Peacock popped into the comments of that post and said this:
The only point I wish to make: you are stating “Who gets to be a geek? Anyone who wants to be.” I agree with this wholeheartedly, and stated such in my piece (and in many previous pieces). In fact, it’s my entire point: the people I’m talking about in my piece DON’T WANT TO BE.
Did I ask them? On occasion, yes. I’ve asked booth babes and con groupies in the past about their affiliation with the culture. Some will tell you it’s a job, and they’re in it for the paycheck. Jordan Carver deleted her entire blog from 2011 because of a post she made on her experience cosplaying as Jessica Rabbit, stating quite plainly “These geeks felt honored because they’ve never been around a woman like me." 
One. It is a job. Promotional modeling is a modeling gig like any other. You go. You put on the outfit/costume *they provide you* and you do what you are paid to do. Be friendly. Take pictures. Get customers to come to the booth in question and engage them once they are there. It is a JOB.

Are some of those girls prima donnas? Do they have inflated "9" opinions about themselves when they are "6"? Sure. Absolutely. But take a sample of any group of slightly-better-than-average looking people and I bet you'll find that isn't unique to the promo model profession.

So Mr. Peacock, I'm a promo model. I get paid to represent companies because they want a pretty girl to be brand ambassadors for them.

I am also a nerd.

I don't have the chops that John Scalzi has. In fact, I don't even live up to your own vaunted place on the Nerd hierarchy. I've written a few indie comic books. I've seen all the Star Trek movies (even the one with the whales). I happily argue with people over the superiority of DC vs Marvel comics ( Marvel is better). Han shot first and I'm a little ticked off that Maria Hill spent so much time in the Avengers movie biting her lip and being Nick Fury's bitch.

But yeah. That's me, tied up with *multiple* gaming control cords. I admit. I'm not much of a gamer. Mea culpa.

Thing is... As both a nerd and a promo model... I can tell you... I CAN'T BOOK the cons. They don't want me. Why? Lotsa reasons. I'm not 21. I'm not "hot" enough. I don't have comic book tits. 

So whose fault is it that the cons are full of non geek, young, voluptuous women? The girls getting paid $20 an hour to dress in almost nothing and listen to guys talk about stuff they don't understand and nod and smile and hope like FUCK you don't say something wrong and become the subject of NERDRAGE? 

Or the people hiring these chicks? The ones that won't hire me (and countless other women like me) because we aren't *whatever* enough? 

If you really feel like you are getting a room full of deluded "6s"  then tell the companies hiring them. Hire the girls who know they are 6s, but also know a Cardassian from a Kardashian. 

Lela Gwenn


Cathy in AK said...

Excellent post! A total 10 : ) That last line is brilliant!

L Gwenn said...

Thanks! :D

lexcade said...

That's awesome.

Also, I refuse to believe you're not hot enough to be a con model, but that's just me. I haven't been to any cons. Yet.

I don't think Mr. Peacock thought this shit all the way through before opening his beak.

L Gwenn said...

Awww *hugs* Mostly it's the age thing. Despite the fact that I look young, I am not. Most cons that I have tried to work for have a hard age limit of 23. 21 is preferred.

SLE Photography said...

I just stopped by to say HEY! That's my photo. And basement. And comic books. And console controllers LOL.
Hi Lela. :-)
I was just doing a periodic search for my images to look for stuff that's been stolen & is being used illicitly & I stumbled on the page. Great stuff here. And the Con people are missing out, you do great work.

L Gwenn said...

Hey James! Thanks :D Glad to see you around :D