Friday, October 19, 2012

competent women & sex (the choice between my brain and my tits)

I've always been a "That sounds AWESOME! Let's do that!" kinda gal.

Picture by Kaos Beauty Klinik

So when the opportunity to pose for Richard Kadrey* came up I was all... "HELL TO THE YES!"

And I did. And it was great.

I am unashamed of my body. When I am not injured** I spend hours every week in the gym. I'm not fashion model thin and I'm happy about that. I have lovely tits. I gotta nice ass. It's a strong body.

But then, I got a few of the pictures and someone close to me suggested that if they got out my entrance to the wonderful ( but mostly male dominated) world of comics.... well that it would be a trip in a revolving door... in and OUT.

Why? I asked

The theory seems to be.. well... that life is like setting up a character in an RPG. If you max out the sexy skill  then there is *NO* more points left for smart or creative or... anything.

Am I just being sensitive? When Ginny McQueen didn't wanna strip at a con trolls were quick to point out that she must be a WHORE because she posed nude as a model.

I have to admit that at NYCC, I saw the Playboy chicks and thought "What the frak are *they* doing here?"

So... I wanna have this discussion on Twitter. @Lgwenn - message me and follow #sexynotstupid

*If you don't know Richard Kadrey's photography you can find it here. How did I get this opportunity? Well... stalking the poor man didn't hurt. Richard swore that we had met in Portland... I've never been to Portland. I think maybe by sheer force of will I falsely implanted myself in this memory. Also: Don't stalk people. It isn't good manners.

**I got hit by a truck. I'm ok... but it's cutting into my gym time :(


Anonymous said...

Nudes will not hurt you in the comic business. They may hurt you in other businesses but they also open other doors. It gives people one more excuse to dismiss you, but i guarantee they also get attention. who is going to be more popular at the comic convention? You or stan lee? I guarantee people are going to stan lees booth and then where? what gets your attention?

I know if I heard there was an author who had posed for playboy it would be interesting enough for me to take a look at the writing.


SLC said...

While I don't ever want to see Stan Lee naked (I may never sleep again) - I have never understood why this is a thing. Guys walk around with their tops off to show off their chest. Yet a woman? SCANDAL. Makes no damn sense.

Your photo is lovely, and I think you should be proud of how you look. Maybe an honest conversation or two would do everyone good.

Forlock said...

I think you're beautiful, amazingly so-but I find myself picking your brain more about the business and your experiences. Your beauty doesn't mean you can't have a brain as well. An attractive woman who can have intellectual conversation as well is even more amazing. You shouldn't have to ask 'should you' post those pictures but do you want to. The world is unfortunately stupid sometimes though.

JKA said...

I've always thought the comic community was an odd animal. You'd think, as a pretty marginalized art form, they'd be generally inclusive and warm and fuzzy. But, I've consistently noticed an unapologetic judgmental streak in comic culture that I've always found to be incredibly annoying and super counter productive. It's also pretty unpredictable/fickle. I certainly see the worry about being labeled as "just sexy," and I think too much of comics is dominated by grown men who are emotionally stuck at being twelve year olds. But, I think (and hope) that that culture is on the way out. There will always be assholes, but I expect we'll see a decline in the "comic culture as frat house for nerds" thing.

L Gwenn said...

Thanks for chiming in, guys. I doubt I'll hear from the "Let's keep girls who acknowledge having sex parts out of comics!" crowd. But it's helpful to know that there are people who can handle it out there.