Monday, December 27, 2010

Interview with Jill Myles author of The Succubus Diaries

**Hi all! I am happy to present to you an interview with my friend and
 fellow writer Jill Myles. Jill's newest book MY FAIR SUCCUBI--book 3 in the Succubi Diaries Series-- will be officially released on December 28th!**

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Pender Photography

 Introduce yourself- Whatever info you are comfortable giving-- could be as simple as your author bio.  Well, I am a mild-mannered (sorta) office drone by day and swashbuckling romance author by night! Or something. Actually I am just a gal with a husband, some cats, and a book obsession (mine and other people's books, heh).

When did you first start writing? I've always written - fanfiction for my own fun, stories for assignments at school - and I've always been complimented on my writing or told I should be a writer. It wasn't until I hit about 23 years old and quit playing online games (which I was addicted to) and I found I suddenly had all this freaking TIME on my hands and no idea what to do. So I decided it was time to start trying to write a novel.

What was the first UF/PNR book you read that sparked your interest in the genre? I absolutely loved Sherrilyn Kenyon's early Night Hunter books, Christine Feehan's Carpathians, and Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld. All of those just blew my mind because someone was finally writing what *I* wanted to read. But at the same time, I couldn't see *my* writing in their stories. Then I read MaryJanice Davidson's UNDEAD AND UNWED and it was just so different and fresh and fun and the lightbulb went off.

You have 2 hot heroes-- one a good guy, the other a bad boy-- but each has a tinge of the opposite to them. ( An angelic sex fiend and a Vamp who will do anything for our heroine) What makes your heroes different? I don't know if they're different inasmuch as they're flawed archetypes. Noah is the essence of good. Lawful good for those D&D nerds (uh, like me) out there. The problem with lawful good is that they do what's right, even if it's not what you want in the slightest. Jackie runs into this with Noah a lot - he wants to do what's right, and she wants to do what's good for her. So they clash. Zane is a bit further down on the spectrum. He's definitely chaotic, though I always hesitate to use the label of 'evil' because that's such a black and white term. But Zane does what Zane wants, and he lacks that finesse or sense of right and wrong that tells him that he's going a little too far, if that makes sense. He sees something and he goes after it. I do think that both of them are appealing because neither one is so extreme one way or the other that you couldn't see the heroine with him. I always hated the love triangles where the heroine is the only one that sees the appeal in one guy, so I tried to make both men equally appealing.

What was the most fun part of writing the Succubus Diaries? I love that they're just a rollicking sort of adventure. They're fast paced and I put in all the craziness that I want to and they can handle it. Plus, I really like Remy. ;)

What are your favorite books?  We're supposed to have favorites?!

I love the characters Jackie and Remy. They are strong, take charge chicks--but not perfect! What can we readers look forward to in the lives of these two unlikely friends?  I really like the dynamic between Jackie and Remy. They started out as mentor and mentee, and they've morphed somewhere along the way to friends and buddies. I like that they have each other's backs in a world that tries to push and pull them in all different directions. They're kind of the Laverne & Shirley of Paranormal. Of course, which guy that makes Squiggy...

Anyhoo, I am totally digressing. You're going to see more of Jackie and Remy's friendship and them leaning on each other. I tend to love secondary characters in books more than the primary characters, so Remy will continue to be a big part of things all through the series.

Read a Sneak Peek Of My Fair Succubi HERE!!!

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dystophil said...

Very cool interview, Lela and Jill. Jill - I love your book trailers with your hubby's artwork - awesome :))

Laurie said...

Cool and interesting interview, especially loved the first trailer!