Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Dumb Lela Story-- Round 2

So apparently my youthful (and bless you all, apparently cute) indiscretion with that Lama was not the last time I got to make a fool of myself.

Once upon a time I lived at a meditation center, and once again I was given the honor of being an attendant (I had experience, after all heh heh).

So once again I brought tea and flowers and cough drops. I bowed respectfully (I was 18 now- a woman of the world). And then an amazing thing happened. The Lama offered me a cup of tea. Such an honor- Such a wonder!

Thing is-- Tibetan Tea is an...interesting concoction. Hot water with barley and tea leaves added to it. Peppercorns and spices dumped in for flavor. Adding to the "flavor" is a healthy dollop of yak butter. So basically (to my uneducated American tongue) a gritty, peppery, oily mess.

So, a quick lesson in etiquette. If you take something-- you are supposed to finish it.

There I was. Large cup of awfulness in hand, and yet another big shot Lama looking at me with gleeful expectation. I swallowed hard-- and apparently visibly. The older Lama laughed. He motioned for me to leave the cup. I took it with me.

So next time a story in which I do not look like a horse's ass. :)

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