Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally- a story where I don't look like an ass!

So a few years down the road I'm all grown up (22 heh heh) and working at a furniture store. Now I am a terrible sales person-- I'm no good a high pressure, buy-it-now hard core sales techniques and my boss at the time HATED me for it.

One day a group of three nuns walk in the store. I could tell that they were nuns from the local homeless shelter because they wore denim habits. All the other sales people fell back (no money to be made there!) I went ahead and stepped up.

I talked to the sisters for a moment or two, careful not to hug or accept any offerings of edibles.(Okay, it never came up. Still, I had to be on guard.) They needed a recliner for the nursery at the shelter. We headed back to the recliner gallery.

My boss (the one who HATED me)had been listening in and made a mad dash the back way to get to the recliners before we did.I watched him snatch the price tags off the two cheapest recliners on the floor and hustle back to the office.

I showed the nuns the recliners, then headed back to talk to the boss man.

Now being young and delusional I thought for a moment that he had snatched the price tags so that he could give them a deal without them knowing about it.


He wanted me to jack the price up. The nice ladies out there-- who were buying a chair so that homeless babies could be nursed in peace-- should pay an extra $100. I should go sell it to them.


That was the only price he would authorize.

I went out and told the nuns that I couldn't sell them a recliner. I was very sorry, but they should go check at (enter competitor's name here).

They were baffled. I was in trouble. It was worth it.

I just wish the nuns had known what he was up to and used these on him!

My interview with ALICE LOWEECEY coming sooooooooon!

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Kyanara_night said...

Woow, that is an amazing story.
I would have hated my boss to if he actually did that.
I think you really did the right thing!