Monday, May 30, 2011

So what dya think?

I'm considering doing something...well...a little bit insane frankly.

Everybody remembers that this is an ADULT blog for Grown up types right? and that if you aren't grown up you should GO BE A KID!

It is exceptionally hard to get good* critique for erotica. True fax. Annnnnd while I don't primarily write erotica...I think stronger smex writing is still stronger writing. SO *deep breath* with that in mind *another deep breath* I think I have decided *oh gawd am I hyperventilating???*

I have decided to post an erotic novella that I wrote with the hope of creating discussion and critique. I know I won't get it published--it is all over the place including F/F, Bondage, F/F/M So if you are offended by..say anything? What are you doing here?

*Let me be clear, there are many wonderful places to get "good critique" for erotica. It is just extremely limited and I'd like to hear from people ( writers and readers) who either don't usually do this genre or are primarily readers. So please comment! COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!

** ALSO! We've already established that this is my blog and I do what I damn well please right? Well given the sensitive nature of this game...Imma be moderating the comments. I have no problem with being told I suck...but if you have a soap box you wanna step up on and start screamin'...take it down the road kid.

I'd like to see other people contribute in the same way ( not necessarily erotica, just whatever)  Who will be brave and play this crazy game with me? 

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