Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Art concepts for the Costumes!

** Here is what I'm thinking for the various characters. Let me know what you think. These are CONCEPTS. They are not set in stone.**

Wonder Woman- Blue Latex High-Waisted "shorts" (more like briefs) with the star motif. Red strapless Latex top. Tied up with classic Gold rope.

Cheetara- Orange single sleeved stretch bodysuit. Tied with rope to a bo staff.

Psylock- Black or Purple Bodysuit with all the "strappy bits". Tied with rope.

Doctor Who- Petticoat dress made to look like the 10th Doctor's outfit. Tied with rope. ( this will be more about capturing the "Oh look! Something awful has happened. How wonderful" attitude of the character)

Super NES- Either-
Pasties (maybe with Bob omb or Magic Mushrooms) and a themed thong ( "Rupees Collector is a favorite)


Dress that looks like the classic SNES controller.

Tied with controller cords.

Star Trek- Either

Blue Latex "Science Officer" dress


Star Trek insignia Pasties and "Boldly Go" Thong

tied with... ( this is a tricky one) Silver rope? Something "Futuristic" looking?

Storm Trooper- white latex bikini with inlays meant to look like a storm trooper. Tied with black rope.

Molly Millions- Ragged rough, ripped up tank top. Skin tight black pants. Long razor nails. White contact lenses. Tied with rope.

Sailor Mercury- Classic white school sailor/school girl outfit ( made to be slightly ... more brief) Tied all Nautical like.

Harley Quinn- I think I'd play with this more than maybe people would like. Red and black underbust corset over a Straight Jacket. Maybe Arkham Asylum style little white skirt, fishnet thigh high and boots.

Vampirella- Classic monokini and cape. Tied with a thicker red, black or silver rope.

She Hulk- Purple and White Latex Body suit. Chained up with heavy chains.

So whaddya think? let me know and don't forget to SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN!


Damo Blamo said...

The science officer dress is a winner, I reckon. I have to admit, when it comes to Harley I'm a bit of a purist ;) And the Doctor Who outfit sounds as interesting as I'd hoped when I saw the list. Yes.

L Gwenn said...

YAY! Thanks. I know the HQ thing is touchy... but I love the idea of a straight jacket for her & putting it over the classic harlequin catsuit just doesn't really appeal to me. Dunno. Nothing is set in stone.

Anonymous said...

I like the Doctor Who outfit, but I will always vote for pasties.... So NES it is.

Anonymous said...

How about a topless wonder woman?

tylern said...

I'm of two minds with regard to pasties vs more covered ensembles. Difficult choice there!

At first I was not interested in the Doctor Who angle but then I saw "petticoats" and my tune changed.

L Gwenn said...

The balance between sexy and "in character" is a careful one. The point is that it is "nerdy", not just "sexy".

Thanks for the feedback! Thinking about this project is so much fun. I hope I can make it happen.