Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today is kinda a big deal

So Yeah. Today IS kinda a big deal.


Well let's see...

Felt Tips The Super Smut Anthology that features 44 AMAZING authors ( including yours truly) goes live today. You can get it
(paperback edition will be available shortly)

I interviewed Richard Kadrey for Whack Magazine and you can read that HERE


Tie Me up and Nerd Me went live today... this is my nerd/bondage Indiegogo campaign and I really hope it flies because I wanna do it something HORRIBLE.

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bettielee said...

OK, you should have been in costume when you did the video!!!! We know how hot you are, but the other people coming out of nowhere don't know how hot you are! I know, sometimes, you don't wanna give away the milk, etc, but sometimes, mama gotta show a little! :) Just my suggestion. you said you wanted suggestion, right? Or maybe not. I'm just giving my opinion. :) You're welcome.